Sunday, 17 April 2011

Proud of my Sisters

 Sorry no crafting today
But this was for a very good reason
I went to London to support my sisters who ran the Marathon
As you can see they are identical twins
The never got on as kids
But they have pulled together and got through 26 miles together all for cancer research
Their T-shirts had Twin 1 and Twin 2 on them
Twin 1 is Sandra my oldest sister
Twin 2 is Lynn the middle sister (she's 4mins younger than Sandra) lol
If you wanted to help their fund raising its not to late to donate


They ran for Cancer Research as it is a charity very close to our hearts
We have lost a lot of friends to cancer - but thanks to Cancer Research
We also have some friends that are happily now cancer free
My sisters best friend is currently fighting breast cancer
and we all hope and pray for her in her battle.

This picture was taken as they were on course to finish


Di said...

Brilliant Nicky - and a sunny day as well. Have just left a little donation! Bet you all sleep well tonight :)) Di x

Dotty Jo said...

Goodness, aren't they brilliant - well done to them, I can't even run for the bus!!! Jo x No, really I can't!

Sue said...

Congratulations ladies, a day you will never forget, sue,x