Monday, 20 November 2017

Long Time no Posts - but Wedding is done and kids house has completed so ....

Well since July I was in full wedding flow for my daughter wedding,
It was a homemade affair in our local church where her Grandparents were married over 50yrs ago
Then onto the village hall for the reception.
We made nearly everything including the table cloths to keep costs down.
I will start posting the bits I made for those of you who are interested
As well as the cards I have made in that time.
Once they came back from honeymoon they were still living in us as their house had not completed
Then finally it completed at the beginning of November, so all hands to help them move all the stuff they had collected and stored for the past through months in a number of peoples home.
They are now happily sorting the house and have started their lives together
My son has moved into his sisters old bedroom as that was bigger which leave the small room for me to create a craftroom, with a put me up bed in case it ever needed.
So exciting, I am writing this whilst on Holiday in the Lakes with hubby and Stanley the greyhound
having a lovely relaxing time, the craftroom will start at the weekend when I get home!

Village Hall Before Decorations
After Decorations 
Top Table
 Yesterday At Top of Easedale Tarn in Grasmere my favourite walk

Thank you for those that follow me and have been patience whilst we went through this very enjoyable but busy time.