Monday, 29 December 2008

Dotties Sunday Challenge - Wishing You Well

The Challenge this week has been set by Louise and is ......

This week the challenge is in the theme;

After all the over indulgence you've most likely had over Christmas ( a few poorly tummies and heads I guess?) The theme this week is Get Well Soon .You don't have to use those words, but it has to be aimed at cheering someone up or wishing them well . If you don't know anyone who's poorly your creation could be wishing them well in their new job or a new home...basically, lots of positive vibes in this card please AND of course a Charmed Download. Nice and easy?

As some of you might have notices I have made a couple of exploding boxes as pressies for Christmas, so I thought I would try and use on in the challenge. I used my craft robo to cut out a hexagonal box, with lid and one layer inside. I used orange and yellow card as I wanted it to be a cheerful colour. With some silver card to back the images to make them stand out. I used pre-coloured images for speed and I put them into word to get the sizing right. The images I used were from the True Love and Marriage Collection and the Rock n Roll collection. I used text boxes in word to add my text and an hexagonal one for the base.

I am thinking of giving this to my husband as 2008 has thrown alot at us, as he lost his job, for the 3rd time in as many years, money has been very tight and my dad died not so long ago who he really got on, so I thought the words just let him know that in all the troubles we still have each other and our love to get us through everything.

Here's to a better 2009.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Dottie and George Wedding Card

Just thought I would share another quick make for a wedding card again, printed several of the Dottie and George images and then decoupage them.

Could Not Resist New Girl About Town Downloads

I could not resist so used some of my birthday money to buy the new set, as they are long legged ladies they make me think of my daughter and the her birthday is in February so I had to be prepared. (well that's my excuse and I am sticking to it)

I used on of the images for a quick card for a friend who needed a card to give, I used the coloured images and the sentiment that come with the bundle. I printed one image and the sentiments and the words Happy Birthday directly onto the card, then I printed the image out again 3 times so I could decoupage it. I was pleased with the result for such a quick card to make.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Exploding Dottie and George Box

My mum had an idea for our friend for christmas that we would take her out shopping and for lunch in the New Year, as she loves going out with us. I wanted her to still have something to open so decieded to do an exploding box.

The box was cut on the craft robo using a template that Etui22 designed (thank you) from UKscrappers and I used Dottie and George images to decorated the inside flaps.

After making this, one of my friends saw it and I made another one for her grandad to hold some money, the differnce being that I also made a little box to go in the centre to hold the money. I forgot to take a photo of the box closed, so you only have the insided to look at.

I did ask Santa for a Brain but as you can see I did not get one!!

Gift of Vouchers for Christmas

My sister wanted to give a voucher to her in laws for tickets to the Lion King. She asked if I could print her one out. This is what I came up with. I made a gate fold card and put a little pocket each side then put some copies of the tickets in the pockets with a picture from the lion king in the center. To finsh I used some Red paper on the front and tied with a ribbon.

Sunday Challenge Dotties World 21st December 2008

Sunday Challenge....Red,Green & Gold
Well....Its nearly upon us, Christmas 2008! What a year it has been, the good,the bad and the Ugly!!!My challenge this week is going for the end of our festive juices.RED,GREEN AND GOLD....Of course it doesn't have to be festive, it can be any card or thing you like, as long as you use a downloads from Charmed Cards and Crafts, if your new to the site, click on the blinkies,you'll be in for a treat!!!! Loads to choose from! Also I'd like you to use as much RED,GREEN & GOLD as you can.There are some fantastic sample cards from the design team, as usual and Claire and Michelle have shone again!!!.Remember to go and checkout each designers blog to find out all the info on their card and don't forget to leave a comment so we can go and look at yours.

As you can see Michelle set us a great challenge this week. As I had 3 birthday cards to make for people with Christmas Birthdays I decided to you the challenge to help me make the cards.
I used a craft robo template that LesleyUK kindly shared on the UKscrappers site. I cut the base card out off Gold Hologram card. The letter were cut in red and the stars in Green, then to finish of the George as Elvis. The colours do not show to well on the photo, I also did another one the same but using Black, Silver and Red. (shown at bottom)

Sorry I have not been doing the challenges for the last couple of weeks but I have been unwell.

Thanks for the Challenge Michelle it was what I needed for the inspiration some men's cards at Christmas!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Kids Birthday Card With Rocker George

This is a quick card I made, although very simple in design, I am feeling quite chuffed as its the first time I have managed to work out how to get words to go around a circle and put it into word. (I used a paint program and then copied it into word) Annoyingly I have been able to cut words on my craft robo in a circle but never just print them like this. So a small achievement.

The image used was a pre-coloured image from the Rock n Roll Dottie and George collection. I printed the circle twice and cut one out to allow for a little layering.
The verse inside was about 10 reasons why it rocks to be a kid, so I thought it was a good image to use.
Hope you like it

Blog Candy Dotties World

Its Louise birthday over on Dotties World and she is giving away some Blog Candy. Three lucky folks will be randomly picked on 23rd December to receive a download bundle of their choice. Don't worry if you have them all ( I know a lot of you do), the new collection should be available around the same time (maybe sooner if I pull my socks up) So there'll be something for everyone.
Click here to see the link
or use the blinkies on the side.
Happy Birthday Louise!

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Dotties Challenge 30th November 2008

The challenge this week was set by Karen : My Monday Mojo card this week involved pictures of the recipient plus one of the Animal Magic downloads, Henry Hare, I decided to use the idea for today's challenge.
I would like to see a download, or downloads, interacting in some way with a picture of either the recipient or "something else". So it doesn't have to be a picture of a person but it must be a real photograph, and not just clipart etc. You could of course just do a layout and that would cover the requirements; it's up to you.
This may very well take you out of your comfort zone, but have a go and I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you come up with.

I decided to use Scruff (again). When I first met my husband one thing he had to understand was that there would always be dogs in our life's. Stig is our current dog and has been with us for about 5 years. His a lurcher with no brains but lots of love. I decided to use the quote 'Love me Love my Dog' and do a picture to go in a frame, the colour of the picture was not quite right, but I am quite pleased with the overall effect. Thanks for the challenge Karen.

Dotties Budget Shopping Bags!!

At last here are the bags I made for my friend, this all started as a joke, as they call me budget buster at work and one of my friends is unable to reduce her shopping bill. So those of you who follow this blog will know I made a bag, that I nearly did not give to her as my iron left marks over it. But thanks to the advice given I gave it to her and she was really please, so please she asked me to make some for her friends and family. The picture shows the bags I have made and each one has a different Dottie to suit the person it has been made for. I coloured the Dotties in a print program on the pc then printed them onto T-shirt transfer paper. The tags were cut out on my craft robo using the print and cut method. Just goes to show there is a Dottie (or George) for everyone. Thanks again for your encouragement.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Sunday Challenge Fabulous Power 23rd November 2008

This weeks challenge was set by Louise : I gave you a little clue yesterday about what my challenge might be and I'm sure you've probably already guessed.I want you to make something (it doesn't have to be a card) and embellish it with flowers of some description. You can use flowers in your image or in the pattern on your paper but there must still be a flower(s) forming the main part of the embellishments, it could be silk or paper flowers, brads, buttons you get the idea right? As always Dottie's World challenges must have one of the Charmed downloads on them somewhere.

Click the Download Dottie blinkie in the sidebar if you'd like to check them out.

I have done this one just in time this week! Again though you will notice its for a birthday I missed, I really do need more weekend left at the end of the week! Any how back to the card, the was a really quick card, I have been given the blue flower paper by a neighbour some time again, and I thought it would work quite well with Hippie George. I used the pre-coloured one for speed (I love these when time is short) put him into word so I could add a speech bubble, then cut him out with my craft knife and mounted him with 3d foam. Then to add a little sparkle I used gem love hearts and put a few in the centres of the flowers and used the gem dots to make his necklace sparkle.

Sunday Challenge Dotties World Fur & Feather 16th November 2008

It was Nicola, to set the challenge this week, oh goodness so little time left to Christmas, how scary it is, its just going soooo quickly!My Challenge is:-Fur or Feather.Using a download,i want to see either fur or feather, it could be from Animal Magic, dress up Dottie or the reindeer etc,but if you don't have a set with one in, you could just add a feather or make something furry!!but be sure to add a download too.

Like normal I am late doing this and you will see from my challenge cards they are also late birthday cards!! For this challenge I used Scruff (pre-coloured) from the Animal magic collection. I cut him out using a craft knife and mounted him with silicon glue onto a piece of beige card. The title at the top I did using word and again mounted it on a piece of dark brown card. The small edge pieces of paper came from a set I brought in my local craft shop called Dogs life by Design house. To go with the sentiment inside I had a printed an insert that said, "..I just forgot the date!". I think this Scruff image is one of my favourites, I just love his expression. Thanks for the challenge Nicola sorry its late.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Dotties Challenge Sunday 9th November

The challenge this week is inspired by fireworks and, as we were limited to one colour last week, this week I want to see LOTS OF COLOURS on your cards - the more the merrier! As usual, you must include one of the Charmed Downloads too, so get those papers out and start creating!!!

I decided to go with bright colours, I used the image of George at work and coloured it using paint on the computer. I then added a Speech bubble in word so the George had a voice. I printed it onto speckled card and cut it out. It is then mounted onto the bright Yellow card with silicon glue. This in turn is then mounted onto the bright blue card with brads and an insert added. The card is for my friends birthday who hates the thought of getting nearer to 30, he will be 26 tomorrow, but I could not miss the opportunity to wind him up. Hope you like it, thanks for the challenge Juliet.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Thanks for all your advice

Hi I just wanted to thank you all for encourageing me to give my Not A Card challenge to my friend. She was so pleased with it that she has asked if I can make her some more for christmas for her family and she will pay me! I am going to use all different Dottie and George on the bags so that they suit each person. Thanks again

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Sunday Challenge Dotties World 2nd November Black/White and splash of colour

Right, next I will tell you about this week's challenge which is;
Black, white and a splash of .........COLOUR!!!
I want your creations this week to include one or more of the Charmed Download images and to be only 3 main colours. Black, white and one colour of your choice. You can use as many tones of grey and of your chosen colour and you can obviously use a skintone and haircolour ( I am feeling generous! LOL )but that's it.
After coming up with the idea I wondered if it could work, Dottie and George images are usually so bright and cheery.....but looking at the images again there are many out there that would work.....not forgetting the cats and of course the stunning NEW Animal Magic Collection.

And now to some more exciting news.......
It’s time for the monthly give away!!!!!!!!!“Everybody who enters this week’s challenge (following all the rules) before Sunday 9th NOVEMBER will get this lovely freebie Fairy Dottie image. You can only get it through joining the challenge so once it’s over it goes back into the vaults! (terms still apply). All you have to do is play along as usual, mention the freebie on your blog and link to us, leave us a comment then email Louise so she can reply with your image, Non blogging customers can email their photograph to Louise.”
I needed to another card for my Brother in Law for my mum so decided to work in this week challenge. He has just got a Morris Minor so I used an image of a saloon with George Standing next to it. Inside I put the quote 'From one Classic to Another Classic' Have a Happy Birthday. I found the challenge quite hard, I have always liked the look of the Black and white cards but when I do them I end up adding colour!

Dotties Challenge 26th October Dotty Dottie

The challenge was set by Ruth this week and was...
I want to see SPOTS. It doesn't have to be Dottie, you can of course use any of the downloads. BUT I don't just want to see a circle or two.

I deceided to so a card for my brother in laws birthday. I chose some paper that I had laying around, not sure on the make, and matted this onto white card. I used George Graduation image, and then in word made the word matts. The one at the bottom of the card says : A wise man once said,"Don't count your years,make your years count." Then the inside verse says: ...or was it "beers?"Either way, that's prettygood advice. Happy Birthday. On the inside I did a smaller Geogre Graduation image. Finally I finished it all with some dotty Gems. Sorry its a bit late for the challenge, but life has been a challenge this week!! Thanks for the challenge Ruth, I really enjoyed it.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Sunday Challenge - Not to make a card

Make something using a Charmed download but IT CAN'T BE A CARD! This was the challenge set by Louise from Dotties World. Well I decided that as every time I turn on the TV there seems to be something about a credit crunch, I would come up with an idea to save money! When looking in the local craft shop I saw a small bag (18cm x 15cm) I thought it would work perfect. I used a paint program on my PC to colour the Dottie image and then printed it with the words Sarah's Budget Shopping bag. I printed on to transfer paper and ironed it on to the bag. Then to finish it off I made a little tag. I was going to give it to a friend at work who struggles to get her weekly shopping bill down, but unfortunately when ironing on the image my iron left some black marks on the bag. But I thought I would share my mistakes as well as my success. Great challenge Louise really got the old grey matter working, thanks.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Dotties Sunday Challenge 12th October

The Challenge this week was set by Nicola :
A is for Acetate with a hint of pink!!It can be a whole acetate card,an aperture of acetate,an embelishment as long as Acetate is there some where & as October is Breast Cancer awareness month I'd like to see some pink!!!.And the use of one or more images from the downloads on Charmed Cards and Crafts,i.e Dottie,George,Cats etc.
For this I used a cream card as the background, then mounted acetate using eyelets, threaded some 'its a girl' ribbon through on either side. Then finished with the Dottie image and congratulations. Another great Challenge.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Eeyore Birthday Card

A card I made for my friends birthday. The eeyore was one that I cut out ages ago on a cricut that I had before I brought my craft robo. You had to cut all the diferent layers and mat them together to get the complete Eeyore. The paper was left over from a Winnie the Pooh scrap book kit I had for christmas. The Happy Birthday, present and butterfly where 3d stickers.

Sunday Dottie Challenge Love Is.. 5th October

This week, I'd like you to create something on the theme 'Love is......' and I would like to see a message or journalling on the FRONT of your card. As usual, you must include one of the Dottie downloads too and we are all really looking forward to seeing your fabulous creations. Challenge by Juliet.

For this challenge I cheated by using on for the pre-coloured rock n roll characters for speed. This was mounted on to pink card that I cut using the Victorian blade on my woodware cutter. I then added 3 heart brads. The card base was made from the same pink mat and covered in pink heart paper. The text was matted onto silver glitter paper and the corners rounded using friskars scissors, and to finish I used a metal embellishment of a heart(sorry its doesn't show up very well on photo). I enjoyed this challenge and am please I have finally caught up on all the challenges I missed. That's to everyone on Dotties World, I need these challenges at the moment as it lets me escape from all that is going in live.

Thats for the challenge Juliet, I love it.

Sunday Challenge Dotties Goes Geometric 28th September

Dottie goes Geometric! Jack suggested that I made a card using triangles but I am going to open up the possibilities and ask you to make creations with bold geometric shapes. This could simply be part of some patterned papers or a fancy shaped card...the choice is yours BUT I want to see some geometric shapes as a main part of your cheating and telling me the brad is a circle! Don't forget it must have a Charmed download somewhere too! This challenge was done by Tracey.

For this challenge I cut out a Spring up card on the craft robo, then decorated it using mats so the diamond shape was repeated. Peel off were used on the bottom of the card and a metal tag added with the rub on words of Thank you, then finished with a couple of daisy buttons. On the back of the card I did a repeat of the front shape but this time put my message in it. Took me a while to get my head round this challenge but I really enjoyed doing it. Thanks Tracey

Sunday Challenge Dotties Goes Green 21st September

"Do you recycle? Do you dutifully separate your paper from your plastic, your glass from your metal, and take unwanted clothing and toys to be recycled? Do you walk instead of drive and use environmentally friendly household products?Everything today is focused on environmental issues, so lets GO GREEN in our Sunday Challenge! Show me how green you can get! But this is a green dish with a few extra ingredients, sprinkle it with three buttons or brads, season with a little ribbon, and finally add that special little "recycled something". Plus of course it must contain at least one Charmed Cards & Crafts download." This was done by Karen.

I chose do use something I had lying around the house so I saw an old note book and thought I could make into my shopping list book. The card Dottie was printed onto was a scrap piece, the ribbon came from a card I was set for my birthday last year. So apart from the inks and the brads everything was recycled. Thanks for a great Challenge Karen.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Still Catching up Dottie Challenge 14th September 2009

These weeks Dotties challenge was to design something using a Dottie image and a song. I struggled a bit because all I could think off was Rocking around the Christmas tree which I had used for the 115 days until Christmas challenge. But after alot of use of the old grey matter I decided to go with 'When Santa got stuck up the Chimney' I used George as Santa and cut him out so the he fitted in the Chimney, the image of the roof also came from the Christmas Collection. I enlarge this image and printed it twice, on the second image I just cut out the chimney and owl. I then Stuck it together using silicon glue. Finishing it with the words slightly raised of the card and little glitter glue. All images were the pre-coloured ones I thought as I was playing catch up I would save time. Thanks to Lousie for the Challenge

Catching Up Dottie Challenge 7th September 2009

The challenge was to design a card using one of the Dottie downloads but the card had to have something removable on it, challenge set by Nicola.I decided to use on of the Dotttie at work images. I pasted the image into word so I could shrink and enlarge it as required. I also added 'Anne's Birthday' to the Today's special board. I used a smaller image on the right hand side so I could make this into the bookmark. I coloured the image using whispers pen and chalks. To make the book mark removable I used the Woodware Perforating Cutter. To finish the book mark I punched two holes using a crop a dile and then threaded ribbon through it. Inside I used an insert form the Cute Campanions CD and added my own words. Anne who I made the card from loves homemade cake and a cup of tea, so I thought this one had to be for her. Thanks Nicola for a lovely challenge sorry I have only just got round to doing it.

Saying GoodBye

Hi After a couple of trying weeks I am back and firstly I thought I would share how we said good bye to my Dad. It would seem strange to say that a funeral could be a happy occasion but, although we had tears my dads good bye was filled with laughter. I think he had the last laugh as he had very bad dress sense and one of his wishes was that at his funeral there should be no black, so as dad always wore Hawaiian shirts or pink shirts, we thought this should be the dress code. In one of our local shops they could not understand the rush on pink shirts and ties, until someone explained it was for a funeral!

My dad was known as Homie as he worked in a power station so on his flowers we had an little Homie as the centre piece. The power station even had 2 min's of silence and the flags a half mast for my dad. (the last time they did that was when the Queen Mother died) He always thought he was 'King' of the power station. When we arrived at the crematorium I could not believe how many people turned up to say good bye there was over 200 people and all had honoured my dads wishes and wore bad shirts and shorts, even the vicar wore his brightest outfit.

In the service there was tears and laughter, and although my sister are very forward and talking to everyone, I am not so my bit for dad was to do the service sheets. On these I used a water mark of a Scuba Diver as dad was a trustee for the Scuba Trust (a disabled Diving Organisation).
My Kids said goodbye by sending balloons up to heaven one was a motorbike, as dad rode a vintage one, and the other was a me to you bear, carrying a hug.

The last lines of the poem I put on the service sheet summed up my dad and how he would want us to be:' You can cry and close your mind be empty and turn your back, or you can do what he would want: Smile, open your eyes, love and go on.'

Thank you to everyone who sent their thoughts.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Sad News

Hi Just to let you know I may not be very active on my blog for the next few weeks as my Dad has passed away suddenly. Hopefully be back soon. Love to all

Friday, 5 September 2008

Dotties Challenge 115 days until Christmas

The Sunday Challenge from Dotties World was to make something Christmassy - a card, tag, decoration; as long as you include one of the downloads (it doesn't HAVE to be from the Christmas collection either as many of the other Charmed digital download images are so adaptable). Challenge this week was set by Juliet.
Great Challenge as I have not started my Christmas cards yet!

I used the Christmas tree from the Dottie Christmas set and printed in on Card with some text boxes. I then used the Goerge and Dottie image from the Rock N Roll set and printed it 4 times. I decoupage the image to give dimension and finished the card with gems and glitter on the Christmas Tree.

Sunday, 31 August 2008

70th Anniversary Card

This card has taken all afternoon to do, as I designed it myself in Design Master the Craft Robo software. (First time I have designed the whole card) The 70th is using Rockwell Bold script that is welded to a base. The words Wedding Anniversary use Lucida Handwriting Italic again welded together. I have even managed to make an insert to match. The image is a mini postcard and the flowers are resin. I finally finished it by using two love heart gems as the dots for the 'I's'.

George and Dottie Platinum Anniversary Card

To make this card I used Design Master on the Craft Robo to do the mat with the words on. Then cut out the words and again and the circle, stuck it all together, mounted on card with silicon glue and finished with a George and Dottie image. This is one of two cards for some friends of ours that will celebrate their 70th Wedding Anniversary next Saturday.

Piglet Birthday Card

Piglet was cut out using the 'Pooh and Friends' Cricut cartridge, then he is mounted on some printed card and I stamped Happy Birthday above.

Monday, 25 August 2008

George 30th Card

This card uses George from the Rock N Roll collection, I cut him out and mounted him flat to the card. The 30 with mat was cut on the craft robo, template from the UK scrappers site. The I used jewels to decorate and add a bit of bling. Very simple but I think quite effective. The 30 is put on in two layers using silicone glue to add dimension.

Carft Robo 21st Card

This is a card I cut out on the craft robo, the template for the 21st was from the CD by Just cutters and the dog template was one from the UK scrappers site.
I have raised the dog and the 21 up with silicon glue and put a black jewel and googly eyes on the dog. The dogs brown bits are mounted on 3d foam.

Another Lurcher done as a 'Relax' on your birthday card. This was an image I had that I printed out a few times and then decoupaged it. The papers came from the Paper Company.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Dotties Challenge Card 2

This is another card I did for the Sunday challenge from Dottie's World. This time I cut the image of Dottie out using a craft knife, she was already coloured. I then mounted some acetate, with iridescent flowers on it, onto card using white eyelets. The tag I made myself on the PC and cut out and coloured using glitter pens. Then I put some ribbon through it and mounted onto the card.

Dotties Challenge Card 1

This card was made for the Sunday Challenge from Dottie's world. I used the craft robo to cut the words down the side of the card, then I embossed the letters with glittered red embossing powder. The Image was printed onto card then cut out using tag template on craft robo, I slightly enlarged to template to cut the mat, then cut out the joined hearts again on the robo. I used some heart ribbon in the tag and finished with a glittered heart. I like the card but I am not very happy with how the embossing on the letters turned out, but I suppose that's how we learn

Stiggys Card (The Real Stig!)

This card was done for my friends mums birthday. She loves lurchers and greyhounds and as I have a lurcher with no brain but a very big heart, I used this photo if him relaxing to decoupage and then mount on the card. I used the PC to print the message on the front.

My dogs name is Stig, the kids named him Stig after the Book 'Stig of the dump' But our Stig was known as 'Stig that was Dumped!' as he was abandoned when he was 5 months old. He is now 6years old and is also known as long legs no brain!

Anniversary Card

This was a quick card made for my friends parents on there wedding anniversary. I used the coloured image of George and Dottie, cut out and mounted with 3d foam. Then matted and layered the words and put onto light pink card, quick and simple.

80th Birthday Card

This was for my friends 80th Birthday, I used the Craft Robo to cut out the words down the side, the a piece of actetate with flowers printed on it was matted using eyelets to hold into place. Then I stamped a cat with flowers, used flower soft to add deminsion and matted it into place.

Plane Birthday Card

This was a card I made for my friends dad who is into Planes. The front of the card I used an image, then coloured it and chalked around it to look like clouds and sky. Inside the card I used my craft robo to cut cut a template of a pop up plane, then just matted and layered it on white and blue. I then stuck a verse in to finish it.