Saturday, 27 December 2008

Exploding Dottie and George Box

My mum had an idea for our friend for christmas that we would take her out shopping and for lunch in the New Year, as she loves going out with us. I wanted her to still have something to open so decieded to do an exploding box.

The box was cut on the craft robo using a template that Etui22 designed (thank you) from UKscrappers and I used Dottie and George images to decorated the inside flaps.

After making this, one of my friends saw it and I made another one for her grandad to hold some money, the differnce being that I also made a little box to go in the centre to hold the money. I forgot to take a photo of the box closed, so you only have the insided to look at.

I did ask Santa for a Brain but as you can see I did not get one!!


Louly said...

Oh Wow wow wow! Cor Nicky I do believe this is the first D&G exploding box I've ever seen! It's amazing!You never cease to impress me girl!
Well done you!xxxx

Jac said...

I love these Nicky, I bet the recipients were extremely impressed with them.