Saturday 24 April 2010

No Cards But A Promarker Storage Project!

Sorry not a card but I have been working on this, hopefully some cards soon.
Anyone who know me knows I am a very organised crafter
My promarkers have been driving me mad as they were in a number of different containers
and I never seem to pick up the right container, so I decided I needed to sort it
This is a CD storage box from Tescos it comes with 100 sleeves to put CD in
You can find it HERE but there are many others out there
Being sad I had some Pro markers in my handbag so was able to try them in the shop for size!
Each sleeve holds seven promakers and each section comfortable hold 10 sleeves or eleven with a little bit of a squeeze
As I said I like things very organised or as my DH says OCD!
I used some adhesive labels in my Craft Robo and cut out the little circles
this way they were still attached to the backing sheet I could colour them and then
peel them off with my poky tool and stick to the ends of the pens
I also have put a coloured circle on the bar of each sleeve
(which slides out making this very easy)
In the back of each sleeve I have a little card with the name of the promarker
and a square coloured if I have that one
The sheets in the top of the lid come from the Letraset site
The one on the left is a download of the complete range coloured the one on the right is blank with just the names so you can colour in the pens you own and see at a glance which ones you have or haven't got
This fits neatly in the draw of my craft desk is easy to carry around and at last all my promarkers are in one place and easy to see and grab
I can take just one out or if doing shading I can take the sleeves out - the sleeve are already numbered so easy to put back in place!
Not shown in the pictures but on each coloured dot I have now numbered the pens so they are easy to take out and put back in the right position, I have also numbered the Letraset Blank key card so they match!
Like lots of people I craft in the corner of our living room I might put some photos on to give you all ideas on how to craft in small place that have to look tidy when we finished! lol
Hope you like the idea
Lots of people have asked if they can be stored this way its is fine for Promarkers but not Aquamarkers
The only promarker that letreset recommend are stored horizontal are the silver and gold metallic ones


Dotty Jo said...

Wow! I was going to go to Dunelm Mill tomorrow with a Promarker in my pocket to look for suitable storage solutions!! I wish I was as organised as you are Nicky, I'm a great big crafting mess! Jo x

Jac’s Playground said...

this is fantastic, when I first saw it I thought it was specifically for promarkers it wasnt til I read on that I saw what you had done, brilliant, well done you. Been trying to comment on here since you put the post up but keep getting booted off so hopefully it will work this time! xx

Gina said...

Oh Nicky this is a fabulous storage solution, I love the fact it is portable and stylish all at the same time :)
Gina xxx
PFP Design Team

Wiccababe said...

oooo I like this idea - absolutely perfect for taking along to crops and classes

Michele Roos said...

OMG what a clever idea. I've got the exact same case but I originally got it to store my stamps but I think I'm going to change this today :0) Thanks for the idea. Hugs Michele x PFP Design Team

PeeJay said...

Superb! Excatly what I've been looking for to make them portable!

Clare Lloyd said...

brilliant idea! thanks for sharing. X

Elaine Stark said...

You are a genious, my Promarkers are all tospy turvy and I can never find the right colour. Thanks for this tip. I'm off to get one tomorrow. Elaine

Anonymous said...

This is a brilliant idea, I spent the day driving to 3 Tescos before I finally got one & then I just had to get it all sorted. It is great to have all my ProMarkers to hand. Thanks so much for sharing.
Pam x

Joy said...

Brilliant idea. Better get to Tesco before they sell out of boxes!

Di said...

Hi, The storage looks great! but the only thing i'm worried about is that I have been told they state you must store Pro markers horizontally because the ink has a tendancy to go to one end.

Nicky said...

In answer to Di worry - the promarkers can be stored upright,its just the metallic ones that must be stored horizontal - hope this helps x

Karen said...

Hi Nicky - this is an absolutely brilliant idea. I have just been over to Tesco online store but can't see anything like this - did you actually buy in store or online?

Robyn - injoystampin said...

This is such an amazing idea. Thank you so very much for sharing it. I've just organised my markers using your idea and have linked back to you. Thanks a million. All the best to you in the New Year! Robyn xx

crafty jo said...

this is a great idea i only have a small collection but its growing and this keeps every thing in one place mine are in pots on my desk at the moment and i think will soon be taking over lol

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

I thought I left you a comment, but don't see it. I loved your idea for storage and found the same thing (under a different name)in the states, but several places are all sold out. It must be very popular or they have decided to no longer carry it. I have copic markers and think I can get 6 in each row. I would love to touch and play with one before purchasing online. Anyhoooooo...I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did.

Sarah_W said...

I could hug you! I have been searching for a sturdy storage solution for my promarkers (only 21 off a full set now) and this is just perfect! Off to Tesco tomorrow to buy one! *Hugs* Sarah xx

Sarah_W said...

Just got back from Tesco with my new box! Need to get some stickers to colour the ends and I'm good to go. Hehehehe can't wait to get organised! *Hugs* Sarah xx

kay said...

thanks for the fab idea,have just recieved my case today and off to play,x

the crafty duck said...

Hi thank you for this briliant idea, waiting for my box to come, got my blank chart ready, just need my sticky dots!! Thanks for sharing, lots of love Steph

Debbie said...

I have searched for this case and had no look from Tesco. But did see something similar in Maplin's and Amazon have them.
Great idea./ Dx

Anonymous said...

Hello Nicky!! This is an absolutely brilliant idea. I have just been over to Tesco's online store but can't see anything like this. I own an online assignment writing services for colleges & universities UK students with their academic works.