Monday, 24 September 2012

Promarker Storage Update

As some of you know I tend to be a little bit of an OCD crafter - I like everything to have a place and when I have finished using it that is where it goes.

Now when I first started collecting Promarkers I used a travel CD case to transport them and it has worked really well you can see the original HERE. I then also started to collect some flexi markers and the promarkers brought out some limited edition promarkers so I decided I needed them!

       This meant my storage box was no longer large enough so I started to look at ways to improve it

I brought a slightly larger box from E-Bay then set to improving the insides I realised if I made some boxes for the pens I could store more in a row, than using the CD sleeves. So using an A4 piece of paper I scored out a box with two dividers so the pens do not fall over (I did warn you I was OCD) 

This is the A4 piece of card with the score lines dotted and the solid lines are the cut lines.
This way there is very little waste - just the small strip at the top

This way I can store over 200 pens in this case.

I also number my pens so I can put them back in the box where they belong.

Hopefully now my pens or more organised and
 I have had a tidy up of my craft bits I will get some more crafting done.
I contacted Letraset to ask they where going to update the colour chart with the new limited edition pens - they said no so I did my own and new inserts to go in the box. If anyone would like a copy of the pen chart so you can colour in your own collection please email me and I will send  it to you.

I have been crafting but doing lots of bits for my sisters wedding at the end of September so you will have to wait to see the photo until after the wedding.

In the meantime I will finish making the boxes for the pens

Thanks for looking

x Nicky x


Linda said...

Thanks for the inspiration. Box ordered, can't wait to get organised.
Email request on the way.

Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

Hey hun, just hopped over here from you entry on MTTC, love your idea of storage can't seem to find your email anywhere.....its probably right under my nose lol!
Is there any chance you could send me you fab chart? My email addy is

thanks hunnie xx

Dyanna Winchester said...

Love your idea on storing your markers. Was wondering if you had more details on how to make the box inserts. I don't know the measurements of an A4 paper. Also where do you put your score lines and cut lines. What are the measurements. Would love to do this for myself. Thank you for your ideas.

debs29blue said...

Hi I love your storage Nicky, it's brilliant!
Please would you send me a copy of your chart? I have sent you an email requesting this!
Many thanks
Debs x