Friday, 30 January 2009

Christmas Cards All Year Round Jan 2009 Challenge and Last weeks Friday Sketch!

The challenge for JANUARY is...
Create a card with VERY tradition red and green colors and a stamped OR a rub-on sentiment!
Most of these cards were cut on my craft robo using templates, the images Dotties and George
On the stamped sentiments I have used perfect pearls , and holographic embossing power
To finish the cards I added a bit of glitter

This card I also used the sketch from the Friday sketch challenge I did not realise I was looking at last weeks challenge, oh well I will now give this weeks ago later on.
If you follow this challenge every month in December 2009 you will already have 60 Christmas cards made, what a great idea, saves me putting my Christmas stash away

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Aniversary Card Craft Robo

This is an anniversary card I have made for my friend.
The lady on the front is from a decoupage sheet, I forget the name.
The pop up inside was cut on my craft robo, and to finish I used a silver peel off on the front.

60th Birthday Card

Just to explain this card:

One of our friends used to belong to the Navy and when my son was little he thought that meant that our friend had served with Lord Nelson. We are always teasing him about looking good for his age. He now runs a cattery.

So when it was his 60th we could not resist taking the micky again, hense the card
inside the card its said "Nelsons friend must be older than that!"
I do hope no one take offence.

This is the other card we gave him and this was used on his birthday cake as well

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Piggy Bank Card - Craft Robo

This was a template from Paperthreads Die Cut Store
As soon as I saw it I new it would come in handy, my kids friends have all got to that age when it is really hard to buy for them.
I thoought this idea gave a different twist to putting money in a card
Everything was cut on my craft robo
Comments most welcome

Dotties Challenge - My Mistake

I said in the last post that I had made a card was about to send it in when I realised I had not followed the recipe, well I thought I would share a I made the Flower box to go with it.

I used a craft robo template from the Just Cutters CD 2 which can be found here

I used the inside of the Flower Circle to make an aperture card and I cut the flower circle out twice once a mirrored image so that I could decorate the inside and outside

Here you will notice my mistake, the recipe said 1 flower I had about 40!!

My kids think its realy funny as I am not a good cook and seem unable to follow even the simple recipes lol

I put the Butterfly image together with a small piece of thread between then to make her spin
(I could have done with Lousies spinning tutorial)

I added three leave buttons, a picece of ribbon and doodling.
Never mind I now have a nice card and box set!

Dotties Challenge - A Recipe

The challenge this week is set by Juliet
This week we are working with a Recipe.....

At least 1 Charmed Download

1 Flower - must be handmade not shop brought!

3 Buttons

1 Ribbon

Chuck it all together and add a bit of doodling to finish.

Have fun!

When I first read this I thought this is a little out of my comfort zone, I do not often do flowers, I have never used buttons or done doodling, but at least I know how to use ribbon and the Charmed Downloads!!

I sat down and made a card, then just as I was about to send it in, I realised that I had not followed the recipe, teach me to read things properly lol.
I will put the card on later

So back to the drawing board. I decieded to make a flower top box, I mounted three leaf buttons with their shacks cut off on the top, I doodle on the petals and the edges of the box. I tied a bow in some ribbon and put it aroung the centre, and finished with a Front and Back Dottie Butterfly
Thanks for the Challenge Juliet

And Thanks to Dotties World for having me as January guest designer it has been fun.
They are chosing a new guest designer for February so make sure you get your creations done by Thursday, I can highly recommend it.

Friday, 23 January 2009

George Magic Back and Front Card

I could resist no longer and brought the George and Dottie New Collection its great Check it out over on Charmed Cards and Crafts (use blinkie to the right).

I have used the pre-coloured image of George the Magician printed it our onto card and used my craft knife to cut out, I also printed the hat and bunny out again so I could layer them.

These were then mounted onto black card, which I added jewels to the front and metallic pens on the back. To finish I used my brother labeller to add the text.

Very effective thanks to the great designs.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Just Playing with New Toy

Having brought a Cuttle bug and had a quick play on scraps of card the other day, I decided to have a proper play yesterday what ever time I got in.

So here is my first cuttle bug card (made in the early hours of this morning) I chalked the embossing to make it match Dottie's flowers and added a few embellishments, its not great but its a start.
Could someone please lend me some extra hours in the week so I craft longer and work less, I do find work gets in the way! LOL

Dotties Challenge - Tutorial Tester

The challenge this week has been set by Louise and is :

Tutorial Tester!
Everywhere I look these days I find fantastic tutorials which suggests that everyone must love them. For this challenge I want you to make something (it doesn't have to be a card) following a Charmed Cards and Crafts tutorial or class. When you put your creation on your blog please link up to your chosen tutorial and then we can all have a look.

So it was straight over to Charmed Cards and Crafts at
to see what classes they have.
You need to get over there to take a look they are amazing and easy to follow.

I chose to do Karen Waterfall Card class.
I have never made one even though my step mum gave me a template ages ago to try, I just never got round to it!

I like the fact that before starting there is a list to follow to make sure you have everything to hand to do the project

I decided to do a baby themed waterfall card, I am not sure were I got the striped paper from, I just know its been in my stash for ages. The paper with the little footprints comes for a pack of paper by Generations called Stacker's Pastel Color Collection. The words and the images were done in word and the ribbon came from the local craft shop.

Great Challenge Louise and Great Class Karen
Thank you both

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Quick Baby Card

A friend a work asked me for a baby boy card, she said she needed it if possible. No problem I said I will do you a quickey card. This was the idea but when I got home my new toy had arrived a 'Cuttlebug' so I did a very quick tea for the family and sat down to play.
Now the thought of making a baby card did not enter my head, I tried the embossing folders I had brought out on scraps of paper, found a home for my new toy, went to iron my trousers for work the next day as it was already 11.30pm, and then I remember.
This card is a quick 15min job and some of that was turning on the PC. I used a blue satin card, with some topper from Kanban , I tied the ribbon and stuck it to the card and added some jewels. Inside I used the quote ' Little feet leave big footprints in your heart' and I used a small Dottie and George with baby in the corner.
I am quite please with the card for a quick and simple one. But I must learn to do cards for people before playing with new toys!!!!
Now I need to make a card using the cuttlebug!

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Dotties Challenge - Card 2 - Pure & Simple

When asked to do a wedding gift card for some friends I could not resist doing it with the challenge in mind. I had been told it was for two people to use to give a gift card in each. I made a gate fold gift card for Christmas for some tickets, so I used this idea again

I used pearl card and folded into the gate fold. The I used the same card to print out the images of George and Dottie in the Wedding Car front and back, and also George the Chef and Dottie baking a cake.

The car I cut out and mounted on the gate fold. The image of Dottie and George I coloured using Gelly Glaze pens and then cut to make pockets to hold a gift card on each side of the card.

I threaded a piece of silver ribbon throw to tie the card closed. Inside I used the verse about a "Recipe for a Good Marriage"

To finish it I cut two interlocked hearts on the craft robo out of silver glittered paper and mounted them one on each side, simple but I hope effective!

Any comments welcome and do not forget to check out Dotties World and look at all the great cards everyone is coming up they are stunning

Thanks for the Challenge Adele

Dotties Challenge Sunday 11th January 2009

It’s Adele’s turn to set the next challenge and this is what she said;

PURE and SIMPLE.No patterned papers....clean...fresh....and simple.I don't want any fuss on our creations this week.

It's funny I do not normally use patterned paper that much, so I thought this challenge would be easy. Not so the only MOJO I had was with patterned paper, everytime I sat at my desk in the corner of the living room all my ideas involved pattern. This is not my normal problem, I think its was a case of as we were not allowed it I wanted. You know the problem you must not eat the last sweet, but the more you know not to eat it the more you want!!

Any how enough waffle of how stuck I was:

I eventually came up with a card using just two colours and an image of Scruff

(I just could not resist his eyes)

I used a matt black card and a pink card with a little bit of sheen. Out of the black card I cut the square to mount Scruff onto and I rounded the corners using friskers corner scissors. Then I used a pink metallic marker to put on an effect like stitching.

On the piece of black card at the bottom I edged it with ribbon (very simple ribbon) and mounted the word Thank You in the centre. This I had coloured using Gelly Glaze Pens and then topped with the Gaze finish to give it a shine.

I then printed out the uncoloured picture of Scruff and used my whispers pens and a water brush to colour him in. This was a new thing for me to try and I think he turned out ok.

I put some black Jewels for his eyes and a pink gem for the tag on his collar. I used my scissors to give him a little curve so that his ears came forward and the feet slightly rounded. He was then mounted on the black square with silicon glue. To finish the card I put a small row of black jewels in the top corners.

Hope you like it any comments most welcome.

Do not forget to check out the other cards on Dotties World and to join the challenge

Monday, 5 January 2009

Girl About Town Birthday Girl - Craft Robo

I was asked to do a card for a friend who is very long legged and works at a Cattery. i used my Craft robo to cut out the card using a template from the Ukscrappers website. I used pink and silver as the main colours. I then did an insert in word for the inside of the card and used the Girl About Town image "Sarah" which I coloured in on the PC. (I also fliped the image so that Sarah was leaning on to the card) As she works at the Cattery I used a small pre-coloured Lady Pusskins to mount in the star, as a finishing touch.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Another Card for Dotties Challenge

I could not resist making another card for the Dotties Challenge over on Dotties World. Remember if you enter you will get a free image of Scruff in the bath.

For this one I used a free image we got back in October for the Challenge, it is of George the Super hero. I coloured him using Paint shop pro on my computer, I printed him out in word on the circle, then I did some bits to use as decoupage. His pants being the highest bits!!

I thought this image worked well with the verse:

Birthdays are a time to ask yourself the Big Questions in life....
.... Like, "How many pieces of Cake can I eat and Still fit into my underpants tomorrow?"

I finished him of by mounting him on a piece of card covered in Stars,(I think the paper was a freebie from a magazine) and a little glitter and glaze.

Thanks again Karen for a great challenge.

Dotties Challenge January 4th 2009

Firstly thank you for asking me to be a Guest Designer for January, at first I was just really worried, but now I am just really chuffed, so thank you again.

The challenge this week has been set by Karen:

I've decided to go with "Start the New Year with a Laugh" for this challenge. I simply want to see "something funny" on your project, what you use and how you make it is up to you.

For this challenge I decieded to do two cards as I could not settle on just one of them. The first one is done using 'Girl About Town'. I put the Boutique image into word to get it the size I wanted, then I copied it and used the cut option to get just the top of the shop. (I do not like wasting paper and ink printing a whole image when I only want apart of it), then again to get the canopy of the shop. I added the verse, which seems so right as my daughter has had me and all her family going around the shops looking for bargins!! I then used the image of Karen and again copied the bits I wanted to decoupage into word. Once printed I cut them all out and mounted them with silicon glue.

The second card was I used George the Chef from the George at work collection. I made him very small first and then copied him lots of times to make the background paper, which I left black and white. I then made him larger again and worked out in word which bits I wanted to deccoupage. These were printed and cut out using a craft knife. I then coloured George and mounted him using 3d foam.

I then used Glaze to give his chefs coat and hat a shine, (unfortuntatly I had put a pin into the top of my glaze bottle and it had rusted and some fell out into the glaze, at first I thought I had ruined it but I liked the fact it made him look like a slightly messing chef). I printed the verse out onto card and mounted on the same mat black card that I used to make the card.
Hope you like them and they give you a chuckle


If you play along with challenge this week on Dotties World you will get a free image of Scruff in the Bath, its a stunning image, so get over to Dotties World and do the Challenge.

Just click on the Blinkie to the Right