Sunday, 4 January 2009

Dotties Challenge January 4th 2009

Firstly thank you for asking me to be a Guest Designer for January, at first I was just really worried, but now I am just really chuffed, so thank you again.

The challenge this week has been set by Karen:

I've decided to go with "Start the New Year with a Laugh" for this challenge. I simply want to see "something funny" on your project, what you use and how you make it is up to you.

For this challenge I decieded to do two cards as I could not settle on just one of them. The first one is done using 'Girl About Town'. I put the Boutique image into word to get it the size I wanted, then I copied it and used the cut option to get just the top of the shop. (I do not like wasting paper and ink printing a whole image when I only want apart of it), then again to get the canopy of the shop. I added the verse, which seems so right as my daughter has had me and all her family going around the shops looking for bargins!! I then used the image of Karen and again copied the bits I wanted to decoupage into word. Once printed I cut them all out and mounted them with silicon glue.

The second card was I used George the Chef from the George at work collection. I made him very small first and then copied him lots of times to make the background paper, which I left black and white. I then made him larger again and worked out in word which bits I wanted to deccoupage. These were printed and cut out using a craft knife. I then coloured George and mounted him using 3d foam.

I then used Glaze to give his chefs coat and hat a shine, (unfortuntatly I had put a pin into the top of my glaze bottle and it had rusted and some fell out into the glaze, at first I thought I had ruined it but I liked the fact it made him look like a slightly messing chef). I printed the verse out onto card and mounted on the same mat black card that I used to make the card.
Hope you like them and they give you a chuckle


If you play along with challenge this week on Dotties World you will get a free image of Scruff in the Bath, its a stunning image, so get over to Dotties World and do the Challenge.

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Adele said...

Nicky, what can I say! Fantastic cards-really great to have you on board! Enjoy your time with us-we will!

I love these, great idea about the background paper too.

love Dingle.xx

Louly said...

He he, Nicky these are ace! I really love the background paper too - great idea!

Karen said...

Absolutely fabby cards and perfect for the challenge. So great to have you onboard.

Jac said...

Fabulous cards Nicky, love 'em both!

Lavender Rose said...

Both cards would be wonderful without the funny quotes as they are beautifully made but with the words they are classics. I especially love the shopping one, brilliant!

The Stroppy Princess said...

I especially love the Chef one and think it would make the perfect card for my OH!! He is Italian and a Chef and I....well...lets just say i have other qualities...he he he!! Jo x