Sunday, 25 January 2009

Dotties Challenge - My Mistake

I said in the last post that I had made a card was about to send it in when I realised I had not followed the recipe, well I thought I would share a I made the Flower box to go with it.

I used a craft robo template from the Just Cutters CD 2 which can be found here

I used the inside of the Flower Circle to make an aperture card and I cut the flower circle out twice once a mirrored image so that I could decorate the inside and outside

Here you will notice my mistake, the recipe said 1 flower I had about 40!!

My kids think its realy funny as I am not a good cook and seem unable to follow even the simple recipes lol

I put the Butterfly image together with a small piece of thread between then to make her spin
(I could have done with Lousies spinning tutorial)

I added three leave buttons, a picece of ribbon and doodling.
Never mind I now have a nice card and box set!


Louly said...

Well, you may have gone a bit wrong with the recipe but it's still fantastic! I love it.

Juliet said...

What a beautiful combination Nicky! Someone will be very lucky to receive this.
Juliet xx

Linniepink said...

ahhh its smashing what a fab idea

Raspberry Cupcake said...

Beautiful card and box!

Jac said...

Wow the card is amazing what a treat they will be to the recipient. x

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Recipes are there to be tweaked says me who is an ex-chef!!! Dottie looks very at home on this card. Kym xxx