Sunday, 28 September 2008

Still Catching up Dottie Challenge 14th September 2009

These weeks Dotties challenge was to design something using a Dottie image and a song. I struggled a bit because all I could think off was Rocking around the Christmas tree which I had used for the 115 days until Christmas challenge. But after alot of use of the old grey matter I decided to go with 'When Santa got stuck up the Chimney' I used George as Santa and cut him out so the he fitted in the Chimney, the image of the roof also came from the Christmas Collection. I enlarge this image and printed it twice, on the second image I just cut out the chimney and owl. I then Stuck it together using silicon glue. Finishing it with the words slightly raised of the card and little glitter glue. All images were the pre-coloured ones I thought as I was playing catch up I would save time. Thanks to Lousie for the Challenge

Catching Up Dottie Challenge 7th September 2009

The challenge was to design a card using one of the Dottie downloads but the card had to have something removable on it, challenge set by Nicola.I decided to use on of the Dotttie at work images. I pasted the image into word so I could shrink and enlarge it as required. I also added 'Anne's Birthday' to the Today's special board. I used a smaller image on the right hand side so I could make this into the bookmark. I coloured the image using whispers pen and chalks. To make the book mark removable I used the Woodware Perforating Cutter. To finish the book mark I punched two holes using a crop a dile and then threaded ribbon through it. Inside I used an insert form the Cute Campanions CD and added my own words. Anne who I made the card from loves homemade cake and a cup of tea, so I thought this one had to be for her. Thanks Nicola for a lovely challenge sorry I have only just got round to doing it.

Saying GoodBye

Hi After a couple of trying weeks I am back and firstly I thought I would share how we said good bye to my Dad. It would seem strange to say that a funeral could be a happy occasion but, although we had tears my dads good bye was filled with laughter. I think he had the last laugh as he had very bad dress sense and one of his wishes was that at his funeral there should be no black, so as dad always wore Hawaiian shirts or pink shirts, we thought this should be the dress code. In one of our local shops they could not understand the rush on pink shirts and ties, until someone explained it was for a funeral!

My dad was known as Homie as he worked in a power station so on his flowers we had an little Homie as the centre piece. The power station even had 2 min's of silence and the flags a half mast for my dad. (the last time they did that was when the Queen Mother died) He always thought he was 'King' of the power station. When we arrived at the crematorium I could not believe how many people turned up to say good bye there was over 200 people and all had honoured my dads wishes and wore bad shirts and shorts, even the vicar wore his brightest outfit.

In the service there was tears and laughter, and although my sister are very forward and talking to everyone, I am not so my bit for dad was to do the service sheets. On these I used a water mark of a Scuba Diver as dad was a trustee for the Scuba Trust (a disabled Diving Organisation).
My Kids said goodbye by sending balloons up to heaven one was a motorbike, as dad rode a vintage one, and the other was a me to you bear, carrying a hug.

The last lines of the poem I put on the service sheet summed up my dad and how he would want us to be:' You can cry and close your mind be empty and turn your back, or you can do what he would want: Smile, open your eyes, love and go on.'

Thank you to everyone who sent their thoughts.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Sad News

Hi Just to let you know I may not be very active on my blog for the next few weeks as my Dad has passed away suddenly. Hopefully be back soon. Love to all

Friday, 5 September 2008

Dotties Challenge 115 days until Christmas

The Sunday Challenge from Dotties World was to make something Christmassy - a card, tag, decoration; as long as you include one of the downloads (it doesn't HAVE to be from the Christmas collection either as many of the other Charmed digital download images are so adaptable). Challenge this week was set by Juliet.
Great Challenge as I have not started my Christmas cards yet!

I used the Christmas tree from the Dottie Christmas set and printed in on Card with some text boxes. I then used the Goerge and Dottie image from the Rock N Roll set and printed it 4 times. I decoupage the image to give dimension and finished the card with gems and glitter on the Christmas Tree.