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About Me

Stiggy - Inspiration for the Name of my Blog
I am mainly a card maker but like to play around with paper craft and thought I would share ideas with other bloggers.  I am a mum of two lovely children who both tower above me now, and have been married since 1992, to my long suffering hubby who I met when I was 16.
  We live in Kent, England and enjoy lots of walks in the countryside and along the beaches.

 I enjoy card making and have been doing so since 2004, I am not an artistic person and cannot draw or paint a thing  but I do enjoy crafting.

I am dyslexic and you will have to put up with incorrect spelling and sometimes things that do not make sense.  

I am the proud owner of a 1964 BSA Motorbike called Bas which I maintain myself  

My Blog is named after my lurcher who was called Stig - his full name was Stig the Dog that was dumped! He was totally mad and everyone always thought he was a puppy, he sadly died after a short illness in 2011.  We now have Stanley a greyhound who is equally stupid - I am starting to think it might be something to do with the owner!!

You can contact me HERE

Me on Bas


MaryH said…
Nicky, Was interested to read about your Lurcher. He has the look of a greyhound to me. I was further intrigued to know you now have a greyhound. Our daughter fosters racing greyhounds. She's had 5, lost 2 to cancer. Now has 3, one is 13 (Ossie) who is retired. The other 2 never raced, were unplanned results of an accidental breeding. They make lovely pets. Not great as watchdogs though! So nice to meet you. Amazing that you can maintain your bike. I can't even change a tire! TFS

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No Cards But A Promarker Storage Project!

Sorry not a card but I have been working on this, hopefully some cards soon. Anyone who know me knows I am a very organised crafter My promarkers have been driving me mad as they were in a number of different containers and I never seem to pick up the right container, so I decided I needed to sort it This is a CD storage box from Tescos it comes with 100 sleeves to put CD in
You can find it HERE but there are many others out there Being sad I had some Pro markers in my handbag so was able to try them in the shop for size! Each sleeve holds seven promakers and each section comfortable hold 10 sleeves or eleven with a little bit of a squeeze As I said I like things very organised or as my DH says OCD! I used some adhesive labels in my Craft Robo and cut out the little circles this way they were still attached to the backing sheet I could colour them and then peel them off with my poky tool and stick to the ends of the pens I also have put a coloured circle on the bar of each sleeve (which slides…

Promarker Storage Update

As some of you know I tend to be a little bit of an OCD crafter - I like everything to have a place and when I have finished using it that is where it goes.
Now when I first started collecting Promarkers I used a travel CD case to transport them and it has worked really well you can see the original HERE. I then also started to collect some flexi markers and the promarkers brought out some limited edition promarkers so I decided I needed them!
       This meant my storage box was no longer large enough so I started to look at ways to improve it

I brought a slightly larger box from E-Bay then set to improving the insides I realised if I made some boxes for the pens I could store more in a row, than using the CD sleeves. So using an A4 piece of paper I scored out a box with two dividers so the pens do not fall over (I did warn you I was OCD) 
This is the A4 piece of card with the score lines dotted and the solid lines are the cut lines.
This way there is very little waste - just the sma…

Friends Stick Together

This card uses a great image from Bugaboo I have coloured them using my spectrum noir pens All the papers are from my scraps boxes I did not have enough of the pink to layer behind the image so I cut a piece out of the layer behind the star paper!
This card is for the following challenge
Naughty or Nice - Drink Up Tuesday Throwdown - Seeing Stars Catch the Bug - Photo Inspiration Pixies Snippet Playground - Use your snippets
Thanks for looking