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Stiggy - Inspiration for the Name of my Blog
I am mainly a card maker but like to play around with paper craft and thought I would share ideas with other bloggers.  I am a mum of two lovely children who both tower above me now, and have been married since 1992, to my long suffering hubby who I met when I was 16.
  We live in Kent, England and enjoy lots of walks in the countryside and along the beaches.

 I enjoy card making and have been doing so since 2004, I am not an artistic person and cannot draw or paint a thing  but I do enjoy crafting.

I am dyslexic and you will have to put up with incorrect spelling and sometimes things that do not make sense.  

I am the proud owner of a 750cc Yamaha Virago lowrider motorbike which I love to takeout complete with a few skulls. Including one that clings onto the front headlight and is nicknamed 'Bones'.  

My Blog is named after my lurcher who was called Stig - his full name was Stig the Dog that was dumped! He was totally mad and everyone always thought he was a puppy, he sadly died after a short illness in 2011.  We now have Stanley a greyhound who is equally stupid - I am starting to think it might be something to do with the owner!!
Stanley being lazy as normal

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MaryH said...

Nicky, Was interested to read about your Lurcher. He has the look of a greyhound to me. I was further intrigued to know you now have a greyhound. Our daughter fosters racing greyhounds. She's had 5, lost 2 to cancer. Now has 3, one is 13 (Ossie) who is retired. The other 2 never raced, were unplanned results of an accidental breeding. They make lovely pets. Not great as watchdogs though! So nice to meet you. Amazing that you can maintain your bike. I can't even change a tire! TFS