Sunday, 5 October 2008

Sunday Challenge Dotties Goes Green 21st September

"Do you recycle? Do you dutifully separate your paper from your plastic, your glass from your metal, and take unwanted clothing and toys to be recycled? Do you walk instead of drive and use environmentally friendly household products?Everything today is focused on environmental issues, so lets GO GREEN in our Sunday Challenge! Show me how green you can get! But this is a green dish with a few extra ingredients, sprinkle it with three buttons or brads, season with a little ribbon, and finally add that special little "recycled something". Plus of course it must contain at least one Charmed Cards & Crafts download." This was done by Karen.

I chose do use something I had lying around the house so I saw an old note book and thought I could make into my shopping list book. The card Dottie was printed onto was a scrap piece, the ribbon came from a card I was set for my birthday last year. So apart from the inks and the brads everything was recycled. Thanks for a great Challenge Karen.


Louly said...

Nicky this is gorgeous! Don't forget to leave comments on the challenge post so that we know to come and visit you hun, it's a shame for us to miss these fantastic creations. xxx

Louly said...

Blimey! I take it back (about leaving a comment)! I didn't realise you'd only just posted this. Aren't you a star catching up on all the challenges! Way to go girl.

Karen said...

Gorgeous Nicky. Thank you for joining my challenge, I love it! xx

Adele said...

OMG Nicky, you are such a little Dottie star....I cannot believe you have worked your way through the challenges like this! WELL DONE!!

Great cards as usual!

love Dingle.xx