Sunday, 27 March 2011

Fix For Photos Not Showing in Blogger

Hi again

Fixed it - if you are having the same problem of photo not showing you can try the following it worked for me:

If you click on the edit post that is not showing the photo

then click on Edit HTML - I always have my photos at the start of the page you will have text that looks really daunting

If you just look for height and then width on mine it was set to "0" all I did was change this to my standard picture size heigth "320" and width "233"

Saved it and now you can see my pictures

You have to do this after you have finished your post and click publish post while you are still in the EDIT HTML screen.

If you go back into the post to change something in your post you will have to do this again for the picture to show

Hope this makes sense and is helpful to some others out there who are having a similar problem



Lora said...

found you via Google. Thanks for the fix!

Tracey said...

Thanks for the info...BUT was it permanent orjust a temporary glitz with blogger???