Wednesday, 2 February 2011

WOYWW - 86

Ok own up who stole last week???

I cannot believe it is Wednesday again and that means time for a nosey around blogland
Thanks to the Queen of the Desk Julia
If you want to know more visit
A few people have commented on my sign on top of my desk
its says 'Naughty Nicky'
My daughter made it for me at school when she was 12 for my desk at work
You can image the parents evening when I met the teachers and they all realised I was
'Naughty Nicky' lol
Most kids do their parents a painting -mine make a sign for my desk!
It did stay on my desk at work until I was made redundant last year, then it came home
and has never made it to my new work place

On my desk this week are some old fashion clothes peg
eclastic bands and my box of messy ribbons
This is Ciaras fault from the Ribena Room
I saw her wonderful ribbon storage and knew I had to sort out mine
So thats what I am up to at the moment
You can also see a digi image that will hopefully become my daughters birthday card
on Valentines Day
As I have now shown you all the drawers of my desk
I thought I would show some other storage I have for my craft stuff
This is in the conservatory
I brought it with some birthday money a few years ago from staples
Its just perfect for all my A4 papers
Being the neat and tidy crafter it drawer is labelled so I know what its inside
And down the side between the drawer and my glass cabinet you can just see two folders
These hold my decoupage sheet - which I dont like doing but my daughter loves cutting them out and sticking them together - then I use them - thats what I call team work
The other one holds all my sheets of acetate

Have a great Wednesday

x Nicky x


Sarpreet said...

great paper storage, great workspace, Happy WOYWW - thank you for sharing.

A Hovel to Home said...

I love your desk, and what great storage.

Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

I am loving your desk :)))
Happy Woywwing!
Jennie #5

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

OOO Nicky what gorgeous storage for your papers and yes I am incredibly jealous!! gorgeous and neat .. and am none of the above - lol!
Shaz in Oz,

Terry said...

I like your cabinet of drawers. Great storage solution!

Terry #16

Helen said...

Great tower of drawers, very practical.

Sue said...

Hi ya
oh its it lovely to get ya ribbons tidy, took me ages to do mine, luv the drawers,have great day, happy WOYWW. sue.x(36)

Julia Dunnit said...

Well naughty we need to know're obviously not Naughty as in untidy!! The A4 drawers take me back to the days when I had one - but it got the better of me...long story!

Unknown said...

great storage ideas there hun, well done on being so organised

thanks for the snoop

Judie 58

Glenda said...

Wonderful paper storage idea! Your desk is wonderful and everything looks so neat and clean!

Chelle said...

Looks the sign..awesome storage. 89

oneoff said...

Lovely paper storage there, and your daughter's sign is inspired (bet her teacher had a good giggle in the staff room about that one!).

Bernie x

Karen said...

Fab desk and great storage for your PP's :)
Have a great WOYWW,
Karen #88

Annie said...

Love your ribbon pegs and what fab storage you have for your papers.
A x

Kathryn said...

what a lovely tidy desk, it must be lovely to work at! K x #90

Elizabeth said...

As usual, I'm totally impressed at how neat and organised you are. I remember having just such a paper storage drawer in my office before I retired but I left it there regretfully. I do also remember that it is quite a heavy piece of equipment. However, it is ideal and I wish I had it now. What a day to give birth - Valentine's Day - bet your husband was pleased with his present that year :) Elizabeth x #96

Andria said...

I've seen a fe people doing that now with their ribbons, it's a brilliant idea.
Andria - 42

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi, I'm another Valentines Day Mom- my youngest sons birthday. So keen to be born on that day obviously, as he arrived 3 months early! Now all he does is complain he has to share his birthday with making a fuss of his girlfriend for Valentines! Men, who'd have 'em?Love your desk, and your storage. Happy WOYWW

Angie said...

I really need something like that tower for 12x12 but anything I see costs the earth.

Anonymous said...

Team work? Sounds like you've got the best half of that deal! Great paper storage and yes, I love those pegs too.

Brenda 91

okienurse said...

Your work desk is always so neat and tidy! I love the cards on top and thanks for sharing your storage solutions!

minnie_mac said...

Great desk - very neat and organised.


Neet said...

Love your storage and might have to investigate that ribbon storage.
Some interesting cards on your desk and the one for your daughter looks very nice.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Naughty Nicky!!
I like your storage for papers, as well as what you are doing with your ribbon. My papers are stacked here and there and very unorganized, but then I don't have near the amount you do. Very impressive. Thanks for stopping by my desk! Happy WOYWW! #15

katemade designs said...

love the paper storage

Carola Bartz said...

I love the "naughty Nicky" story!!! I store some of my ribbon on pegs, too, but they don't look as tidy as yours... but rather messy.

voodoo vixen said...

Naughty Nicky indeed! Love the story of how you got it and your A4 storage is scarily neat and tidy!! Annette #4

Sue from Oregon said...

Oh Naughty are one organized crafter!

Starla said...

Love your paper storage! Star 125

Ohhh Snap said...

Lovely sign, lovely desk, lovely paper storage :D TFS!


Marjo said...

Wow, awesome paper storage. Thanks for the peek and sharing, Marjo Lucky #1 Happy WOYWW

Kezzy said...

Yummmmeeee I love ribbons and you have some beautiful ribbons. I love your organisation and storage ideas.

Anonymous said...

Good lord! You are WAY too organized. Don''t you now you are meant to be messy so people like me can feel at least we are not alone in chaos? Try to do better - or should that be WORSE?


Hope you had a great WOYWW!

Mary Anne
(a day late but determined!)

Chrissie said...

It all looks so neat and highly organised... fabulous!
Chrissie #22

MadeByKarla said...

Your desk is my favorite! Shhh....don't tell anyone. I love your paper storage too, I'll be looking for one of those too. Thanks for the peek :)

MadeByKarla said...

Your desk is my favorite! Shhh....don't tell anyone. I love your paper storage too, I'll be looking for one of those too. Thanks for the peek :)

Louise said...

I love your desk :)

HarmonySweetpea said...

Loving your paper storage. I need something like that. Mine are in random piles around the room.

Pam said...

Oh those drawers r much too organised!! Hugs Pam x

Pam said...

I was so impressed by ciara's ribbon storage (still am) but look at you! You actually followed through - impressive! I love the paper storage too and where oh where did your daughter ever pick up that info? She must be creative like her mom!

Scrapcollectr said...

Ooooh, can I board at your house with desk rights, also? So neat and tidy.... I'm close to committing to Ciara's method of ribbon storage also.... It looked so pretty as well as functional....
Thanks for visiting me!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

wow wow wow! super drawers! and what a funny story about your sign! thanks for the laugh today!

Tuire Flemming said...

The pegs with ribbons looks like some kind of art dolls!

Ciara said...

Wow, that's a great way to store ribbon ;-) hee hee

Dare I ask why you're known as 'Naughty Nicky??

You'll have to post a pic of your doggy in his coat too!

Susan said...

Hey N.N,
Love those drawers. I am late getting around again! Happy {LATE} WOYWW!

Susan xxox #13