Monday, 28 February 2011

Crafting Buddies - Diamond & Pearl

Its Monday and I just remembered about Crafting Buddies
If you dont know what I am on about or why there are pictures of rats on me and my desk

 I was sat in the conservatory today doing my friends wedding invitations
when my daughter brought her rats down
There are mother and daughter
Mother is very chilled its her sat on my shoulder in the first photo as I do some trimming
she is called Diamond 
Its also her next to the trimmer 
This is her daughter Pearl who like to run all over the place
she is not very good at sitting still
(like lots of youngsters!)
Although lots of people do not like pet rats
along with Guinea Pigs they are best pets that for children
as they are very easy to handle
We have quite a few different aniamal here so many I will have to show a different one each week

Have fun

(Diamond & Pearl)


Unknown said...

They look very interested in what you are doing x Leigh x

Caroline Hallett said...

I would put them to work if I were you - many little paws would make light work of putting on teeny tiny diamontes or pearls!

Joanne said...

Wow! Diamonds and Pearls - a girls best friends. They are lovely. My son used to have 2 rats. They were Bill and Ben. So cheeky and very friendly. Thanks for joining in the fun. I enjoyed those piccies.
Hugs Joanne xxx