Friday, 25 February 2011

Crafting Buddies - Stig

Joanne has set up a blog to share the aniamals in our lives
Pop over to visit some lovely animals
after noticing so many share our spaces with animals
This is my dog and its him who my blog is named after
He is called Stig
(his full name is Stig That was Dumped)
The is because he was found tied up unwanted and unloved
when he was about 6mths old
He is now 8 years old and is a brilliant crafting buddy as you see
This is him sharing the conservatory with me
The kids refer to this pose as 'dead dog'
I would like to assure you all he is very much alive even if a lazy lurcher
Which is where I craft when using my craft robo

Thanks for Looking
 x Nicky x


Emma said...

Aw such a fabulous photo Nicky... Stig looks very happy.
Hugs Emma x

Ciara said...

Awww, hello Stig! He looks like he's doing doggy yoga :-)

Anonymous said...

He's beautiful Nicky, love the pose! Is he a Lurcher? Looks a bit like a Greyhound but it's also a very odd angle!! Just wanted to let you know the unfortunately the snow pic was the "after", we got all that on Monday, the other pic was the Friday before. We've also had about another 6" of snow on top of the 10" we got on Monday too! Like I say, go with the flow!


Joanne said...

I cannot believe how such a looong-legged doggy has managed to curl up on that chair. It's a wonderful pose and I thank you very much for joining in. See you next Monday.
Hugs Joanne xx