Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Well its that time of the week when we all get to nosey at every ones workspace
If you do not have a clue what I am talking about have a look over
But be warned it can get addictive!
I took these pictures late Tuesday evening as with the weather I will be leaving even earlier than normal for work in the morning!
Hope you are all have a warm and cosy Wednesday.
Well as you can see from the first photo not a lot is going on on my craft desk at the moment
In fact nothing at all the reason being is I have been busy working in the snow on my other workbench in the garage!
Below is a picture of my 43 years Morris Traveller called Ernie
Well last week on his daily 50mile trip to and from work he blew his head gasket and had to hitch a ride home on the back of a recovery truck!
Now luckily I am a fully qualified mechanic so have spent the evening in the garage
removing the cylinder head
I have now ordered a new head gasket but because of the snow may have to wait a while for it to arrive
but as soon as it does I will put it all back together.
Then Ernie and me can be travelling to and from work again
I would had shown my workbench at the back of the garage but is covered in oil, rags and tools.
Plus I didnt think many of you would be interested in my mechanics tools lol

Even though I haven't done much crafting this week I have remember to show the next drawer on my desk
This on is the third on up on the left of the desk
It holds some pens & pencils, my extra long reach stabler, scissors, adhesives
letter press ink (not that I use that ink), chalks and my crop a dial

Hope I have not bored you all to much with mechanics
Hopefully something more crafty next week

Thanks for Looking

x Nicky x


Pam said...

Oh good grief! Am I ever impressed with your workdesk! Next time I wanna see those oil rags! That is amazing. Ernie looks like a sweetheart - he just didn't want to go out in the snow!

AmberInk got lucky@#1 this week!

Anonymous said...

I am impressed! A mechanic and a crafter. Very cool! Happy WOYWW! #11

Annie said...

Ooer a mini. Happy memories. I had a Mini Clubman as my first car :-)
A x

jude said...

Well i am impressed ,my friend she is a mechanic got some stick when she started the course .But now one of the boys so to speak.
hope Ernie gets fighting fit soon,mind with this werather better off staying in the garage.
Have fab wednesday !
hugs jude#4

Minxy said...

Aw poor Ernie, hope he's all better now and doesn't loose his head again lol

Sue said...

Hi ya
aww poor ernie, hope you can mend him, luv your burea,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x (23)

Lizzybobs said...

Hope Ernie is feeling much better soon hun - thanks for sharing your crafty space with us today - lvand ((HUGS))

Serendipity Stamping said...

Oh Ernie, you just needed a couple of menal health days didn't you? How wonderful that your "mum" can fix her own car! So envious!! Thanks for all the sharing this week.

Angie said...

What an amazing desk ...I love 'brown' furniture. Hope Ernie is feeling better lol

Carola Bartz said...

Wow, a fully qualified mechanic! I am impressed! And that car reminds me of my schooldays (we're talking late 70s here) when we were riding in a car like that with six people in it (incl. the driver) - something only teenagers are able to do...

Anonymous said...

I need your desk. Then I can just hide my mess! Genius.

cheers, rachel #54

Elizabeth said...

I couldn't be more impressed - a car mechanic! To me a car is just something that takes me from A to B with the least amount of effort on my part, nothing but nothing would persuade me to lift the bonnet, so my hat's off to you. My DH will also be full of admiration, for both you and your car - he loves all the old classics like Ernie. Elizabeth #85

Anonymous said...

Love your desk, we can't tell if it's messy or tidy as you can just shut the lid on it! Genius! Love Ernie too, we have two 38 yr old cars ourselves,they're such a lot of fun, although I leave the mechanics of them to my husband!

Brenda 90

Elizabeth said...

Hi again, just showed your blog to my DH and he is so impressed, not so much because you are a mechanic, although that is impressive enough you would think, but because he, too, had an Ernie way back in the 60s - the licence number was TEN483 - he remembers it!!!! And, he did all his own maintenance then - apparently because you could then and you can't now :) He's now gone off on one, waxing lyrically about his Morris and how he sold it for £40 after thousands and thousands of miles - a man never forgets his first love! Elizabeth x

airing cupboard crafts said...

Is your desk neat and tidy underneath too? Love Ernie xx Your pens and pencils are very well organised.

Laura x 83

Scrapcollectr said...

Im impressed that you can lift up the hood and get going in there. Wish my dh could do that! Lol
That's one cool drawer. The crop-a-dile is in there, too? Must be a roomy drawer.
Thanks for stopping by. I posted The Card on Thursday. Have a toasty day and I hope Ernie is feeling fit again. *smile*

Gez Butterworth said...

Wow! You are so lucky to have Ernie. I hope it's not too long before he's back on the road.. remember we need to see that shelf next week.. rags n all. Wishing you a lovely weekend. Keep warm. Gez.xx

Leonie said...

Hi! thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment- it is really appreciated!
Wow what a wonder woman!!
crafty mechanic!!- You go girl!
belated happy WOYWW!
xx fairy leonie
ps will send some of our australian heat to defrost your snow!!

Spyder said...

aw, we had a Morris Minor, a van and a car with the sick out hand signals! (Our car got hit by a new mini going 60 in a 30 zone, both us and the mini were write-offs..) so, alas they have both gone to the Morris minor heaven quite some time ago! Yes me too, with the tree. It was a 'thing' every year to go get that tree, from the Forestry Christmas tree shop, that would suddenly appear as if by magic a month before Christmas,but they just got too expensive and even tho' they were 'treated' to stop their needles falling, they always did! So, in a GardenLands sale after one Christmas, I'd saved some Christmas money and bought an Artificial Norwegian 7' Spruce for less than half price and we've had him for about seven years now! Not much on your desk this week, but it is a lovely roll top! Have a great weekend!
Happy WOYWW! (I'm sooo late!)

minnie_mac said...

Love Ernie. Glad to hear you're going to make him better soon.


Unknown said...

Hi Nicky

Thanks for your visit. I'm so glad I came here - a roll top desk - how lovely. My brother had a childs version of one of those - my grandmother bought us all a desk and a chair when we were younger and my brothers was a roll top.

Well impressed at your mechanical skills - i know where the petrol or diesel goes. Once put water in the break fluid thinking it was the windscreen wash and another time put the dip stick in the oul sump thinking that that is how you checked the amount of oil you got in. The dipstick got stuck cos the rubber bung thing wouldn't let me pull it back out. Trouble is we were just about to set off for a 200 mile trip with 54 others and I was the lead name for the trip. RAC man came out and said in all the years he's been doing the job, he'd never experienced someone doing that. He had to remove the oil sump - the lot to get it out. I leave well alone now - but big up to you!!!

Paula x x x

Sherry said...

Ooooh what a multi talented lady you are! I am in awe!! Hope you get poor ole Ernie fixed with the new part when it arrives.

Cardarian said...

"Fully qualified mechanic" now that catched my eye, never mind your desk this week I Love your Ernie! I belong to an MG club from Maidstone so I am always impressed with old cars - yours looks like a gem! Loved your post, hope you can "cure" Ernie and then have time to craft...also hope the weather gets better there too!

Becky said...

WOW! You are soooo cool! I never expected to see those pics pop up on your blog! Haha! Your drawer is so organized, love your long reach stapler.

karen said...

Great post! So you are crafty and a mechanic! Wow! I hope you get Ernie back to himself soon! Again, I love your desk, it is beautiful! And your drawer is so neat and organized, is the top of your desk that neat and organized under the roll-top? Or are you hiding something :)
Thank you so much for visiting me, I do appreciate it!
xoxo karen

Carol D said...

How neat and tidy everything is, And poor Ernie at least you can work on the old motors and he will be better soon. Fany you and my son being born on the same day, Have a wonderful 40th Birthday, next week.

Hugs Carol x

peggy aplSEEDS said...

how amazing that you are a mechanic as well! impressive!

Zue said...

Lovely pictures of poor Ernie. He really needs some TLC. I learned to drive in a morris, so have fond memories of them.
Sue xx

Morti said...

A work desk is a work desk is a work desk. I'm dead impressed that you're a fully qualified mechanic, but then having such an old and fabulous car, it must be a necessity!!! Am also V envious of your purple crop-a-dile - I had to make do with a green one! Eek!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Here I am trying to catch up after missing so much last week. Love your roll top desk, but really enjoyed the car. It's always fun to see a different type of desk. Happy nearly time for the next WOYWW (#3).