Thursday, 26 September 2019

Updated Stamp Storage

I decided whilst I am looking after my friends house that I would sort the storage of my stamps out.
I had them all stored in plastic DVD boxes and the took up four of the above boxes. Some had got squashed and I didn't find it very easy to see what stamps I had, hence the decision to re-order them.
After much looking I saw these storage wallets on Amazon

I decided these would work perfectly and fitted in the plastic storage boxes I currently had the DVD cases stored in.
These boxes also come from Amazon and are available here
I then took some white card and cut it down to 13.5cm x 18.5cm.
I then used my Tim Holtz stamping platform to stamp my stamps onto each bit of card just using a black ink pad.

Once stamped I then laminated the sheet using an A4 laminator pouch. I then trimmed the laminated sheet and cut down the waste to 13.5cm x 18.5 which became my backing sheet.
Finally the stamps were stuck on to the back of the sheet and the backing sheet attached to protect stamps. 

Then this was slipped into the storage wallets and popped into the plastic box.
Now all my stamps fit in just two of the boxes instead of four and they are so easy to flick through to see what I need.
It's taken quite a few evenings but has been quite fun doing.
Now I have spare boxes I can get some more stamps lol

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Nicolette said...

Very nice.
Thank you for sharing it at 2Sistersontheblog.
Nicolette DT

Caroline said...

Nice card you've shared with us at 2Sistersontheblog, thank you.
Caroline DT