Sunday, 21 December 2014

Bad Blogger

Just popping on to apologise for being such a bad bloggers.
 A number of things have been against me but hopefully things are now improving
You may remember last time I blogged I was off work with a chest infection
To treat it the Doctors suggested a steroid based inhaler.  
A few years ago I had steroid tablets and had a really bad effect to them, 
causing me to suffer mental anxiety and panic. attacks
I was assured as it was inhaler it would be ok!
Needless to say I reacted to them and became an over-active blubbering idiot again.
I have been off them for a few weeks and things are a lot better - a new inhaler has been issued that is non steroid based and Doctors think I have developed adult asthma, so as I pointed out to DH its official I am now an adult.

I have been busy making some bits and bobs and will back later to share.
Was pleased that all presents where brought and wrapped by the start of December, but then had a panic over my Christmas Cards as I had not made any but they are all done and as last I feel a bit relaxed and able to face more off the world.

Sorry to be have been such a bad blogger but I hope you understand
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Dotty Jo x said...

Poor you, sounds like you've had a very difficult time! The good thing about Blogland is we can all dip in and out and there's really no pressure. Hope everything continues to improve for you and that Christmas is good and 2015 is healthy! Big crafty hugs, Jo x

Di said...

Hi Nicky

So sorry to hear this! But also good to know things are on the up again. We'll still be here waiting, whenever you decide to come back.


Di xx

Sue said...

Hope you are completely fighting fit soon.


Confused said...

I'm sorry to hear you have been so unwell over the festive period and am glad to hear you are getting back on your feet! Don't worry about being a bad blogger.... Christmas time is always busy and I've neglected my blog as well!! Welcome back!

Stephen :)