Thursday, 5 December 2013

Update on No Posts

Hello all
After two days at the local hospital we now have a diagnoses for my DH
He has a large Deep Vein Thrombosis in his upper leg and has now started treatment on blood thinning tablets.  He has confused the doctors as he has doesn't tick any of the boxes as to why he should get a blood clot, so in the next few weeks they will start doing some more tests so see if there is anything underlying causing it. He also made the Doctors day as he was pleased to see just a well formed clot and so large, that he asked to take photos for training purposes!
 Hopefully now treatment has started life may start to return to some sort of normality and I may even get the chance to do some crafting.
Hope to be back with a post soon
Kind regards
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Dotty Jo said...

At least he's able to start on some treatment now hun. Take care, Jo x