Monday, 2 December 2013

Sorry no posts

Just a quick note to say sorry for having just got back into my crafting, I have not posted anything for a few weeks.  This is because nearly three weeks ago my DH collapsed with a terrible pain in his leg. The Dr's were called to the house and and it was cramp and would pass in a few days but may take a couple of weeks to be pain free.  Well this has not been the case, he is unable to move without the aid of crutches and it is more painful that before.  We went back to the Dr's last week and now have an appointment tomorrow with the fracture clinic to try and work out whats gone wrong.  I am hoping we get some answers and something to keep the pain away.  I am blog hoping in my lunchtimes but get little time to leave comments or do any of my own makes.
Hoping and praying life returns to normal soon
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Dotty Jo said...

Goodness, that sounds very worrying. Take card hun and I hope things improve for hubby, Jo x