Sunday, 22 December 2013

Stressful Crafting......

Warning this post will be photo heavy.

My sister called me the other day to say that her work had decided that for their Secret Santa they had to hand make the gift.  After I had stopped laughing at the thought of my sister making something, (she admits she is the least crafty, practical person) she then annonced that I was going to show her how to make a candle and the box, but it had to be her own work.
The following photos where taken by my mum who popped round to enjoy the fun of me teaching and Lynn trying to be crafty.  To say she has two left hands would be too polite!
But after three and half hours she had finally managed one candle and a box to put it in and all decorated.
She learnt to use my ecraft machine, a folder, heat gun, promarkers, glue gun and hot foiler machine.
I think I have a few more grey hairs and well as laughter lines but she did it. Even if she had to make two boxes as the lid of the first was too small 

Hoping they have another idea next year that will not involve me!
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Di said...

Ah, but what a fabulous result Nicky!


Di xx