Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Thought I would be one of the last this week!
Had a busy day at work but when I came home I had two parcels waiting for me
So had to have my tea first then sort out boring washing then finally I got to open them :)
In one parcel was a sew easy kit by We R Memory Keepers
I like the sewing effect on cards but my machine broke and I cannot be bothered with all the pricking lol
With this I can sew or do faux stitching but it gives a nice even holes to follow
I also received some decoupage and a embossing folder of drips
So my desk doesnt look as tidy as normal but everything will be put in it place later
On my journey to show you what I keep in my drawers
My second drawer up on the left side hold my envelopes
and a box of plastic number as well as my camera charger
This final picture shows my dog whose name I used for the name of my Blog
Because he was found abandoned the kids named him
'Stig that was Dumped' after the book Stig of the dump
His known as Stiggy and this is him hoping I am not going to make him go out in the cold
Well I managed to nose at lots of desks last week I have a few days of this week so hopefully I might get round them all
If you have not got a clue what this is all about pop over to Stamping Ground and join in the fun
x Nicky x


Chrissie said...

Lovely things to play with in a very organised space. Thanks for the snoop!
Chrissie #5

Joanne said...

Oh I enjoyed that snoop. I am amazed by the number of pets that like their owners chairs. My Toby used to sit on my knee and stop me from crafting!! Actually (says this in private) he used to follow me to the bathroom and sit on my knee there too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (13)

Julia Dunnit said...

ooh Nicky , you are a tidy worker huh - all that excitement of new stuff and no parcel or packaging even in the shot - and you contained yourself and did chores first. How admirable! Enjoy the sew easy - show us some results won't you?!

Kirsty.A said...

What a lovely desk and some fab stash - enjoy playing with it

jude said...

You desk looks fab and new goodies too.SEW Easy heard this on few blogs what exactly is this ?i know soew im intrigued.Enjoy your goodies
hugs jude#3

Lionelsa said...

I like your new stuff. Have fun with them!#30

peggy aplSEEDS said...

great desk! i'm usually too excited to wait to open packages. and you did some chores first! wow!

Hope and Chances said...

Your dog is gorgeous, cannot understand some people - fancy dumping a dog! And how on earth do you wait to open parcels, I'm ripping mine open before I've even closed the door to the postman! I've seen that new stitching tool in action and it is fab - enjoy! :-)

Bluefairy4U said...

Oh Stiggy is so sweet, so glad you rescued him. Lovely new stash you have there did you order off QVC, as I saw something like that on Craft day. Just love your desk, obviously it keeps you very tidy. thanks for the snoop. Big Hugs JO.xx*25*

Carrie said...

Ooh, new toys to play with...have fun. Love how cosy your dog appears on your chair. Thanks for popping by and visiting me this week too xxx

Spyder said...

Lovely new crafty candy! Now your camera charger?? Hmm, that sounds so much better than MY camera, which has batteries, that keep going flat. and my cat has now taken to sleeping on my printer, and not my chair (luckily...she'll wait out side the loo but doesn't come in!) Very tidy crafty space, thanks for popping over, I'm nowhere near half way round yet. Have A Happy WOYWW ((Lyn))

G Peplow said...

Hi there, oh isn't it lovely when the postman brings a parcel for you. Looks like you've got a new toy, great !
What a beautiful desk all that lovely warm wood and crafting stuff on it. Stiggy's gorgeous, thank you for visiting me and your lovely comments:0) xx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Nicky, Your desk is lovely, all that polished wood. Hope you enjoy playing with your new goodies. Thanks for your comment on my blog and the idea of sellling the little machine for more stash is tempting however I don't think DH would be best pleased :) Elizabeth #44

minnie_mac said...

What a lovely organised desk.

Yes, indeed. Stiggy does look as if he's keeping a low profile. He's beautiful.


C said...

Talk about a clean work space! Lucky you. I would love to know what you think of the Sew Easy once you put it to use. I hate poking those holes. Thanks for visiting.

Neet said...

Don't know how you could make tea and sort washing out before opening parcels. I would have had to put everything on hold.
Love the picture of Stig - what a beautiful dog - amazes me how people can abandon (or worse, be cruel) to animals. Glad he has a loving home

karen said...

Stiggy is so cute! I am glad he found a nice home with you and your family!
Your desk is gorgeous! It looks old and well-made, beautiful!
Have fun with your new stash!!
xoxo karen

Jane said...

Oooo I love your crafty space!

Maz said...

Love the desk you work on, and especially like your faux stitching tool...may have to acquire one for myself!
Your dog looks very cosy there btw! Maz (65) x

Shirley Pumpkin said...

What a neat nice space you have. thanks for the comment on my blog.

Shirley Pumpkin #47

nnalorac said...

I'm afraid everything would have had to wait, the papers would of been ripped off as soon as I got in the door. Love your desk and it's so tidy. Thanks for the snoop and for visiting me! Carolxx....79

Vicki B in OP NY said...

What a fun peek at your work space - so neat and clean! Even your drawers are perfectly organized. How I need to learn to do that. lol. oooh Stiggy is such a sweety, I would love to give him a pat or two. Best to you and the family.

Anonymous said...

You are scarily well organised, lady! Thanks for your visit and I hope you stuck to the close up shots and didn't look too closely at my desk - it would probably give a tidy girl like you heart failure!!

Lavinia said...

Nice Desk! Love it! I love my big old desk I work on, it can take much more of a pummeling then anything ikea could supply me with!I saw the pricking tool kit myself & wonder'd if its as good as it looks? Hope we get too see something you make with it???? Thanks for showing off your drawers :))

Becky said...

Oh I just love your desk! So pretty! I would have been like you, getting everything done and then rewarding myself with opening my packages. I've seen quite a bit about this sew easy, might have to check in to this... #104

Sherry said...

What a lovely smart crafting desk you have and it does look very tidy and organised. I saw the sew easy thingy on QVC but decided against it - so will be interested to hear how you find it.

Your dog looks very comfortable x

Thanks for stopping by my desk already.

Sherry (105)

sandra de said...

Fabulous desk and such a cute stiggy.

Carola Bartz said...

I like the cards that are on top of your desk, they look beautiful. And little Stiggy is adorable!

oneoff said...

Such a beautiful crafting space; that desk is truly gorgeous. I am blown away by your self discipline in doing the chores before you opened your parcels. Glad to see Stiggy looking so snug on the chair.

Bernie #11

Minxy said...

Hello fellow Nicky, great name lol
Loving your traditional desk, all those ickle draws to hide stash in!
I too have the sew easy but i'm not quite sold on the effects yet, maybe i need more practice lol

Anonymous said...

I love your desk. It's fabulous. Absolutely gorgeous. All those drawers and cubbys... Yum! Not to mention the ability to close the lid when it all gets too much!

Thank you for sharing.
cheers, rachel, #125

Unknown said...

What a neat and tidy desk. The sew easy sounds interesting.

I enjoyed the snoop


Zue said...

What a beautiful desk!
Sue xx 77

Carmen Wing said...

Thats the exact position my dogs have adopted - scrunched up into a tight ball. Mine look like smaller versions of yours, a Jack Russell and a Jack Russell/whippet cross :P Aint no budging them.

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Well you have got a busy desk here with lots of nice things to use. Thanks for sharing your workspace with us. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 42)

Daniele said...

thanks for the peek, that gadget for doing faux stitching sounds usefull, and as for the dog curled up.....cute

Angela Toucan said...

ooooooooooooh what a lovely bureau

be blessed
from Angela #69