Friday, 6 February 2009

Cute Thursdays Challenge

Cute Card Thursday Challenge 46
Very simple one, use some metal on your card i.e. charms, wire, spacers, eyelets, metal coloured card, fabric or paper etc.
A little while ago over on Dotties World a challenge was set to
use a tutorial from Charmed Crafts.
I made a waterfall card then, but noticed a Jacobs Ladder Tutorial
that I wanted a have a go at. You can see the class HERE
I know its not a card but I hope it fits ok for the challenge,
my metal was the word Family on the front,
and the images are all from Charmed Downloads and the ones I have used here
are the pre-coloured version great for when time is short
Sorry for bad photos a Jacobs ladder is not the best thing to photograph.
My kids love this one and keep flipping it so that it shows there own photos!!

Any comments alway welcome


Jac said...

Wow Nicky that is absolutely stunning, really beautiful. I really like the Jacobs ladder and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was compared to how difficult I thought it was going to be. I love your version its fab! xx

Glitter Monkey said...

Fits just fine for our challenge - thanks for joining in! This is very elegant and classy. LOL Lynn x

Ruth (ooffee) said...

How absolutely brilliant! That's given me an idea for something I need to make! x

Bev said...

Fabulous!! Love the Jacobs Ladder

hugs BEv x

Louly said...

Nicky it looks brilliant! I'm so glad you found my tutorial user friendly! xxx

Deb said...

wow, that is fabulous, amazing creations!
Thank you for joining in the CCT challenge!
Have a great evening, Debx