Wednesday, 5 January 2011

WOYWW 83 - Oops Nearly Forgot

Oops with the bank holiday I forgot what day it was
so here a later than usual
What On Your Workdesk Wednesday
There nearly was no workdesk to show as when I sat down on Monday to do some
crafting I noticed the desk top seems to be moving and then my large paper
drawer in the centre landed on my lap!
I took the desk to bits and realised that over the years lots of screw had come out
so out came the drill for some new holes with some new screws
and now my desk is nice and sturdy and ready to face the next 50 years or so!
If you have not got a clue what I am talking about pop over to
and hop around the world having a nose out how everyone works
But I warn you it is addictive
My desk this week a few projects on the go for some different challenge blogs
I have just been using my nestabilites to cut out some images
One is coloured the others need colouring
An yes that is a custard cream on the desk a girl has to keep up her stamina whilst crafting
I have been working out what embellishments I am going to use of these cards
This is a shot and my embellishment case - yes like my desk very organised
I am unable to craft in a mess
You can also see my box of oddments of ribbons lots of these come out of clothes
and off pressies
The drawer this week is my Christmas drawer
In here I keep all my Christmas papers and a few Christmas Embellishments
I also keep my long bind it all wires in the drawer
Have a happy Wednesday everyone
x Nicky x


Linby said...

wow you have some serious storage there!
Linbyx #109

sandra de said...

You are so super organised and your desk is always so neat and tidy. I am sure your desk is very stable after you took it apart and replaced screws. The same thing happened to our dining table everytime I cleaned the floor I found a screw and put it in a bowl eventually the whole table sagged! But at least I had the screws....
Sandra #66

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much that desk can hold! No wonder it's groaning under the weight of it all! Great embellishment box too.

Brenda 83

MaggieC said...

How do you keep things so tidy? I have loads of space, thanks to my kind husband but I am in a total mess still, with loads of sorting out to do. I do like all your lovely embellishments.

Tertia said...

You are a seriously organised crafter, me, never ever. I can not organise anything properly. I start and then inspiration strikes and then... I create! LOL
Tertia 122

Elizabeth said...

As always beautifully organised. I had to laugh at your wobbly desk story - I have a similar problem, not with my workdesk which is as solid as an oak, but with the one I'm typing on right now. Not to worry, I'm not getting out the drill and screws but I know a man who will :) Is there no end to your talents, I wonder. Elizabeth x

Elizabeth said...

Oops - forgot to mention my number this week, it's #76

Susan Allan said...

Yes it always helps to tighten up the screws or drill holes for new ones. I think your table was built to last forever.
You are a very tidy worker, it seems....or is that just for the camera????
Sue xx 50

Esther said...

How very organised..I'd never manage that! Gorgeous desk to work at..Happy WOYWW..Esther xx

Spyder said...

Your desk looks very clever, it seems to come out and grow! Oh yes, bisqwits, mine are usually chocolate
My scissors are on bull-clips, clipped to the shelf, lots of woywwer's have 'borrowed' the idea! And being there does make me put them back when I find them! Glad you liked the freebie!
Happy WOYWW and Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

I really like your desk. It looks like an antique? Custard cream? Yummy! Happy New Year Nicky! Thanks for stopping by my desk. Happy late WOYWWW! #7

Barbara Mason said...

Holy cow!!! You are very neat and organised! I admire you working on an antique desk-falling apart or not!!!
Barbara #139

Marjo said...

I wish I could work in a tidy space..I am the opposite, the messier the I never throw screws away either. So far nothing has fallen apart though..

Thanks for the peek and sharing. Hugs, Marjo #23

Ciara said...

Just seen your more recent post and I am most impressed with your die book, it's brill!

Tell you what, you borrow my ribbon peg storage idea and I'll borrow your die book idea - deal?!! Yay!

Serendipity Stamping said...

I really love that desk!! Funny having the drawer call out to you that it needed some attention. Hope you have it forever. Great organizational skills. Thanks for sharing. #95

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I always love seeing your fabulous desk, but got a real laugh that you literally took the desk apart and did a complete revamp. Well done! You might get the award for engineering this week. Sorry I'm so late getting here. It's been a busy one since we are bound to be snowed in after today. Almost forgot to say how I love that Christmas drawer, too.