Saturday, 28 March 2020

Anything but a card

My sister asked me to do her a voucher for her step son and his family
I have done all sorted but decided this time on something they could keep as well.
I ordered some fairy lights attached to cork from ebay and my sister saved me one of her gin bottles.
This one had orange bands in the glass so I used orange vinyl to match
I used a SVG of the animals in a row and then used the Walt Font for the text.
This was all done in the Brother Canvas software.
This was then sent to my Scan and Cut and cut out.
I have then weeded all the bits I did not want to transfer to the bottle out.
Then using transfer paper I transferred the vinyl to the bottle.
The cork lights I brought were to small for this bottle and fell straight in!!
So I used the original cork cut off the bit that went in the bottle and glued the cork lights to it.
Problem solved lol
Finally I did the words of the voucher onto a tag and tied it around the bottle neck with orange ribbon.

This is for the following challenges

Thanks for looking

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