Saturday, 14 January 2017

What A Pathetic Year of Blogging - Now to Try Better and Greyhound keeping cosy this winter

Back to It and Belated Happy New Year

The picture above is my retired greyhound trying to ignore the fact that is has been snowing outside his idea is to cover up and ignore the weather

I was just looking at my blog for last year and realised how little I did on here
I am going to try harder this year although I have not got off to a good start with 2017
I went down with a cold between Christmas and New Year and do not seem to be able to shift it
I was signed of from work last week and am still suffering with a sore throat and cough
Just hoping it clears up by Monday or it will back to the Doctors
I have been making cards and will start getting some of the posted on here
I am also starting to plan the wedding invites for my daughters wedding in September
We have a very exciting year with ours and my sisters 25th wedding anniversary and a wedding
As well as looking after a friends cattery for three and half months whilst they are on a world cruise.
I do not promise to blog every week although that is was I would like to get back to but just to let you all know I am still here and crafting 

I shall upload some pictures later of the cards I have been making upto Christmas as I have not felt well enough to make any yet this year but I have lots of ideas just no energy to try them out
So like any good crafter I have had a sort of my stash and put some on ebay and ordered some new bits to help me along the away

Loving nosing around all you blogs and taking inspiration from your craftiness

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Sue said...

Hi Nicky, Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment. I am following you now, so look forward to reading about your crafting and your beautiful Greyhound. Sue