Sunday, 20 January 2013

More Snow!

As I am away looking after my friends house and cattery I thought I would share some photos of the snow this morning.  My son spent a lot of time yesterday afternoon clearing all the paths around the cat pens I have not got the heart to tell him they are all covered in snow again!
View at front of cattery 
View from upstairs balcony on a good day can normally see for miles
Another  view from the balcony
Tommy the cattery cat trying to walk in my footsteps as I  unlock the pens
Somehow I don't think the solar panels will help much today

Hope you all keep nice and warm today, I should be at home this evening so will do some proper crafting, although I have enjoyed just having a nosey around other peoples blogs.
 I have even manage to visit everyone on the WOYWW list this week. 
(I think that is a first for me)
I have also have fun redesigning my blog to make a bit clearer to see and as it names after my old Lurcher I wanted the Greyhound/lurcher image to feature.

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Craftychris said...

Fab photo's! Love the cat in the snow, Bless! Thank you for visiting my desk xx

Craftychris said...

I forgot to say, I can't believe you got round everyone's desk! That is awesome - maybe one day I will manage it!! xx

SueH said...

I’m finally getting some time to drop in on a few more blogs this morning and wanted to say Thanks for stopping by mine this week.

Those pictures certainly look very wintery indeed.
That’s one brave Puddy cat to go out in the snow. My BoJangles saw the white stuff, walked carefully around the side of the house where the snow hadn’t settled until he could go no further and then, he took just two steps in the snow before deciding it was toooooo cold and made a B-line straight back indoors. It was so funny to watch him. It’s snowing here again this morning so my plans are to stay inside in the warm……with hot chocolate me thinks, Lol.
Happy Crafting!
Sue @ 79

Becky said...

Great pictures!! That is quite the feat to make it around to everyone's desk!!! I bet you'll be excited to be home and crafting again :) Thanks for visiting me this week!

cyndee starr said...

impressive, i have yet to make it thru the whole WOYWW list in a week. thanks for visiting my new site.

okienurse said...

awesome photos but now I feel bone cold! We had some nice weather here yesterday bright and sunny with a temp of almost 60 degrees...thats warm for Oklahoma this time of year! WOW all WOYWW? I got to about half and may try more today. Have a great week and thanks for visiting my desk. Vickie #43

famfa said...

Lovely snowy photos.

Sarah said...

Those are great snowy pics and it looks like a lovely setting too! Beautiful views! Thanks for stopping by my blog for WOYWW!

Linda said...

We have been lucky and have avoided having any snow fall where we live - I'm a little envious of those that have though.

Thanks for visiting my blog this week.

Almo said...

Nice snowy pictures, we have had a bit of the white stuff too. Thanks for visiting my blog on my first WOYWW whilst you have been very busy looking after the cattery. Mo x

Darnell J Knauss said...

Thanks for coming by the Playhouse, Nicky, and leaving your sweet anniversary wishes, even tho you didn't join in yourself. That was so kind of you!

I'm sorry it has taken me a few days to thank you. I'm still getting around to all the wonderful messages everyone left for us.

It will be good to be back in your own home! Darnell #64

Lavinia said...

Hi! Thanks for popping by my desk last week on woyww. I have progressed on desk size over about 7 years. I first had a corner in this shared room & then I slowley & very craftily sneeked a bit more & then a bit more of my husbands corner! Till hey presto, I nearly have a full room! hope you enjoyed your week with the cats! Beautiful!
Lavinia 96#