Wednesday, 14 November 2012

WOYWW - its that time again

 It Wednesday so that means it Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday - hosted by the Julia  
This photo was taken Tuesday evening as I am working late on Wednesday.  I have a few projects on the go here there are some finished cards on the top of my desk and I am in process of decorating some candles.  On my desk as well is a new dock for my iphone so it can charge while I listen to music or look at my list challenge I like to do - that I am now keeping on it, so it with me all the time for inspiration.
To look at lots of desks visit Julia's 
 and have a good nosey .

Last week I had no crafting happening so showed a picture of my desk closed so I thought I would show it how I leave it each night after I have finished crafting - with everything tidy and put away in the drawers ready for work another time. So I am afraid it was not hiding any mess, nor do I do the push and pile techinque favoured by so many crafters. lol
I did warn you I was a tidy crafter
Have a great week
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Queen Lightwell said...

Oh, I am a tidy crafter, too. :) OK, not so much...but the pictures might be kinda fun for you to take a gander at. See how the other half lives. ;) lol I do clean it up occasionally, just not on this occasion. :) Your candle projects look like they are fun.
Deeyll #66

TeddyBobCrafts said...

Happy WOYWW. I thought I was a tidy crafter, but you definitely beat me! I can get a small area on my desk clear, but my lack of proper storage means that everything else is in various boxes/drawers etc. I dream of my when we move to the farmhouse and I get it all sorted. Ali x #72

Redanne said...

Oh you are a tidy crafter but that is no problem, you just make up for those of us who are not. The more space I have, the more I fill, there is no hope for me at all! Happy WOYWW, Anne x #65

Caz said...

WOW - that is one tidy desk!! I so, so wish I could be like you - I waste so much time search for things "buried" under the piles!!
Your candle project looks interesting!

Linda said...

Candles look gorgeous. Oh to be a tidy crafter.

Annie said...

I'm a tidy [well, fairly tidy] crafter too cos my crafting space is what my customers see so it just wouldn't do to make too much mess would it? I think I would lose the business :-)
A x #74

butterfly said...

I am a partially tidy crafter - there are some things I absolutely like to stick to... ink pads back in the right place (so I can find them when I want them), stamps back in their wallet (ditto)... but there's always a build up of paper scraps and other bits and pieces. And when I'm really in the middle of something then everything will be out until it's done... and then goes away again!! Great looking cards and candles, and happy WOYWW to you!
Alison x

okienurse said...

very neat desk. I am not a neat crafter. I need to make some candles after seeing what you are up to. Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #62

fairy thoughts said...

well you definately win the prize for the tidyest desk this week. If I did that I would never get anything done!! too messy me!
thanks for sharing
janet #26

Darnell J Knauss said...

Ahh, love your desk and your passion for tidiness, Nicky! Pretty candles!

Have a great couple of weeks!! Like a lot of us in the States, I suspect, I won't be WOYWWing next week because I'll be in the kitchen prepping for Thanksgiving. All the best! Darnell #41