Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Meet Stanley and Mojo is Coming Back

Hi Everyone
Sorry for my lack of crafting but after Stiggy was put to sleep
if felt so wrong sitting at my desk with no dog
But we have now re-homed an ex racing dog
(he was a very poor racer - lacked concentration)
I have been busy the past month settling in the new addition to our family
and slowly have started crafting again.
Very funny as Stanley has never seen craft stuff so has to nose into everything
hopefully will have some cards to show you at the weekend.
I feel slowly my mojo is coming back
The picture of Stanley at the top was taken at the Christmas Fair and Dog Show
run by the charity Kent Greyhound Rescue
we had only had a a couple of week and he won best in show
This is him chilling out
Stiggy would have loved Stanley as he liked all sight hounds and it felt right to give a home to another dog he needed it 

Sorry to have been such a bad blogger of late


Di said...

Hi Nicky. I missed you but am glad to see you're getting back into crafting - and that Stanley is helping so much. Our beloved pets take a piece of our hearts with them when they leave us - but Stanley looks so much at home I think he perhaps brought most of that piece of your heart back with him! Di xx

fairy thoughts said...

you must really miss stiggy, but it is lovely you have a new special frriend to 'help' with your crafting. He looks a very friendly dog.