Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Firstly I am so sorry that I did not get round to commenting
on anyones blog last week
I had one of the weeks were there was not enough hours to do everything
But things are looking better this week
as come Friday at 4.30pm I have a week and day off
So plan lots of crafting and visiting

I am sure you have all come hoping to see what was hiding under my desk
last week - but you are out of luck as I am still working on nearly done though
So I thought I would show you my new stamp storage

 I had some of these cases in my loft as we use them for filing
but you can also buy them from good stationary shops
 I have laminated A4 sheets with coloured pictures of the stamps
and on the reserve is a black white image so I can see if any stamps are missing
The case hold two sheets one on each side
I still need to organise and file and label
I am finding this much better than my old storage
as things were to squashed and I damaged a couple of my stamps

Have a great Wednesday
Remember next week is WOYWW anniversary PIF
and in seven months time it will be Christmas Day!

Now I have bored you enough pop over to Julias
and see an amazing assortment of desks and crafts

See you next week
x Nicky x


jude said...

Nicky i love your stamp storage my you are organised.Have lovely creative week off.
hugs judex12

Helen said...

great system you have! enjoy your week off, I wish I had some time off to look forward to....!

Sarpreet said...

great storage idea, great workspace, Happy WOYWW 103, one more week to the PIF and the 2nd Anniversary, #18

Julia Dunnit said...

Good Lord, that is a labour of love type storage, double images and one of them coloured - am soooo impressed!

Glenda said...

That is a wonderful idea, but way more work than I can do. Quite a labor of love there!

okienurse said...

Great idea. I started unmounting my wood stamps and storing them in DVD cases. I have so much more room now!
Thanks for sharing. Vickie #48

Sue said...

Hi ya
that is a brill idea for storing your stamps, i have quite a few of those House Mouse, will snitch ya idea, thanks,thanks for the snoop, happy WOYWW, sue,x (23)

Sarah said...

looking good I need to hire you in for the week to sort out my storage...
Thanks for sharing, have a great week.
Sarah at 18 (Sasa)

jodpea said...

That is a good idea, but r u disciplined enough to put them back after using them?! I know I'm not!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

What a great storage solution for your stamps:)

Nicks said...

you look mightily organised - something i aspire to but will prob never reach LOL

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Stamps seem to have the most varied storage when you look round other people's desk. It is always fascinating to see what others have done. Have a good week.

Kathleen said...

What a fantastic stamp storage idea, thank you for sharing
Kathleen x

JoZart Designs said...

Oh my! your stamp storage is so organised. Don't mention C.....mas... pif is enough to panic me at the moment!
JoZarty x

karen said...

Fantastic storage you have created! Nothing will get damaged or lost with your new system!
xoxo Karen (#123)

Di said...

Oh WOW Nicky. That stamp storage is just brilliant......I need to do something here too, time, time, time!! Enjoy your fun time off work. Di x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Nicky, great stamp storage and so organised too. Looking forward to seeing what you have been teasing us with. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #53

Spyder said...

I have some of those plastic files, what a good idea to use them for stamps, I might do that, as I was thinking of a way to 'see' them rather than rumage into my plastic box...the one I want is always at the bottom! Happy WOYWW

sandra de said...

You bring organising to a whole other level, amazing. Enjoy your time off.

Melita said...

What a great idea!