Thursday, 2 July 2009

A Little Update

Just thought I would give you all a little up date - I have not vanished of the face of the earth.
A couple of weeks ago my doctor gave me some tablets to help with an allergy unfortunately I have suffered some side effects from these and it is causing me to eat and sleep little and I have become quite hyperactive - if I sit down for too long or go out on my own I seem to get a panic attack .
In other words to be the exact opposite to the person I am normally!
I hope to be back crafting soon - but in the mean time I am enjoying looking at all your blogs even if I am not leaving comments

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Jac’s Playground said...

Ooh poor you, that really doesnt sound like fun. I was just popping on coz I havent been around much either and felt I needed to touch base with people so that they didnt think I was not bothering anymore! Real life huh! It so gets in the way of our crafting!! lol Take care and hope you are back to your usual self real soon. xx